Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things!!

Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted a blog and put into any “real” time into my favorite game of DDO.  However, this wasn’t because of a bad thing or because I was bored with the game or burnt out or anything like that.  Instead, it was due to a rather extended family vacation :).  Just about two weeks worth (actually a family vacation + a business trip with my wife).  But now I am back home and things are starting to wind down which means it is time to get back into the swing of things!!

For me, in the world of DDO, that means logging into my characters, rolling my daily dice and gold weekly dice, dealing with returned auctions, and messing with character mail and inventory.  This is the main dilemma of going on vacation, as I typically do these types of things on a daily basis and generally they take me at most about 15 to 20 minutes.  However, after being out for about two weeks or so, this meant at least an hour of “downtime”.  I have a routine where I break down all return auctions into essences and then I play a “jumble” with our guild bank where I send my “bank” alts items and weapons that would be good for lowbies or higher levels alike but many times I do this by using the mail system (because my characters for the guild bank are my premium account characters).  So I then lose a lot of time working up these mail items.  Needless to say, it is an endless job.  And it isn’t too bad of an issue unless of course I miss out in the game for awhile from something like a vacation.

But now that my vacation is now over (and it was nice!!) I can now get back into DDO 🙂  I spent a good amount of time working on Erdrique’s (Level 14 Druid) mail issues and returned auctions but I was back into the questing with Sornea as we hit up Made to Order on elite and had fun rescuing Haywire once again :).  So now it is time for the questing, the blogging, the forum reading, the blog reading, the podcast listening, the guild website maintenance, the picture posting, and guild newslettering to begin anew!! :). 

 photo ErdriquestalkingintheFens_zps5213ce56.jpg
Erdrique stalking the Fens earlier in the week between the family vacation and the business trip :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting this weekend!! 


4 thoughts on “Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things!!

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what all these alts get into this week. There is a super long forum thread about…i’m not entirely sure but it raises some interesting points and inspired me to do an experiment that will make for some good posts, too. Maybe we could “team up” and do a few together or something?


    • Sounds like DDO is like managing a stock portfolio, with the latter at least generating income. But if you are having fun with that kind of stuff, more power to you! When I found myself doing daily management of multiple alts (forget the flurry of maintaining them when some Mabar type of event comes out with special gear, tomes, etc.), I decided it was too much–deleted everything except my one main. Anyway I find it funner.


      • Yeah I definitely understand your point. I just like to play an array of characters though. It isn’t bad as long as I stay on top of it. But I do wish there was an easier way to stay on top of it. I do have my routines though and that is good.


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