Having an Interesting Time in Made to Order

One of the first quests I took a stab at when I got back home from my vacation and business trip was to run the quest Made to Order.  Made to Order is just one those quests that can make you cringe.  Made to Order is located in the Black Anvil Forest in House Kundarak behind the bank.  The quest giver is Hazra d’Kundarak.  The premise of the quest is to locate and find out what happened to our friend, Haywire, the same Haywire from the Vault of Night Series.  Evidently Hazra hadn’t received any reports from Haywire in some time and the last correspondence House Kundarak received seemed to be a distressful one.  Not to mention that Haywire was contracted to supply them with some golems.

Erd and Sornea exploring the tunnels of Haywire's Foundry photo ErdandSorneaexploringthetunnelsofHaywiresFoundry_zpsc782e864.jpg
Erdrique and Sornea exploring Haywire’s Grotto.

The quest primarily contains three types of enemies: duergar, iron golems, and clay golems.  The quest layout is interesting as it contains a number of tunnels and rails/catwalks that can make things a little interesting.  But the most distinctive portion of the quest has to be the mine traps.  I believe this was the first quest to have these types of traps, which can be extremely deadly on elite if you don’t have a way to disarm them or to simply avoid them.  They tend to have a wide range of damage and area to be triggered.  They also occur in all types of elemental damage (fire, water, sonic, electricity, and acid).  This quest probably led the foundation for Undermine.

I do have a few questions about this particular quest.  First off, why are their duergar in Haywire’s Grotto.  This isn’t explained at all and makes me wonder what the gray dwarves involvement with Haywire actually is.  Second, why wouldn’t Haywire develop a way to turn down his constructs with some type of sequence of command words or something.  These two questions make me wonder, and let’s not forget that Haywire doesn’t bother to tell you about the mines…of course those may have been laid down by the duergar.

But the quest does have a pretty funny ending.  I find it hilarious to see the multitude of doors and gates to unravel and open up once the marut is defeated.  The term “overkill” definitely comes to mind, but then again I guess one can’t be too cautious!!

Haywire and his doors photo Haywireandhisdoors_zps2b2dd03a.jpg
Haywire using a multitude of doors for his panic room.

Haywire and more of his doors photo Haywireandmoreofhisdoors_zpse2045037.jpg
Haywire and more of his doors.

Overall, Made to Order is a fun quest that can be quite challenging if you aren’t prepared for those mines and for the marut at the end.  When you get a chance, go explore Haywire’s Grotto and save his hide from his creations!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!      


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