An Interesting Banner

I have mentioned a few times that one of things I really like about DDO is encountering those subtle and cool things that are in the game that make it just that much more immersive.  I noticed one of these things during a recent run through the Bloody Crypt with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) on elite.  I know I have seen this before but for some reason I really took notice to them during this particular run.  All of this pertains to the cool banners that are spread throughout the Bloody Crypt as pictured below:

 photo InterestingbannerintheBloodyCrypt_zps9db70c72.jpgKanndar admiring the banner in the Bloody Crypt and looking forward to talking to Salasso about his choice of banner.

The banner is just an interesting representation of the named boss at the end of the quest, Salasso, and for the design of the quest itself, as the quest is in the shape of a large bat.  The banner is on a brilliant red background, just implying its “bloody” nature, and the picture of the bat indicating that Salasso is a vampire with the ability to shape change into a bat as well as the shape of the dungeon itself.  One thing I am curious about though with the banner is the large “window” above the bat.  I’m not sure what that stands for unless it reflects the high chamber in which the Black Abbott uses to meet with Salasso (which is actually occurring as you enter Salasso’s lair and start to fight with him).   But in either case, this is just another example of one of those small things in DDO that keeps the game fresh .

I hope everybody else see other little things like these and that they make the game as enjoyable to them as it does to me.  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back to slaying the undead!!  Happy hunting!!   

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