Character Maintenance…The Least Fun Part of DDO

I’m a heavy believer that if you play a game, then you should be having fun playing that game.  Now of course in a game like DDO, there are going to be a few things that are less fun than others.  For instance, I find that running quests is more fun than selling items out of my inventory, which led me to this particular topic…character maintenance.  Character maintenance is a broad term but to me it primarily has to deal with three issues: inventory management, bank space management, and mail management.  And these particular categories have sub-categories as well  (I won’t get into those) but in any case I consider this portion of the game to be more grueling than fun.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy obtaining loot and selling it to get my just rewards but once your inventory fills up and figuring out which items to keep, which items to sell, and which items to move to other alts takes up time away from questing and before you know it you are trying to figure out what deal with your loot instead of running quests and gathering experience.  Especially when you happen to be a hoarder such as myself  who picks up each collectible he encounters which tends to increase the likelihood of filling up my bags, especially at lower levels.

All of this is compounded even more if you happen to be away from the game from something like a business trip or vacation.  I find this especially problematic when it comes to the mail system.  One of my principles for questing, is to put everything I don’t want/keep up on the Auction House.  If the items don’t sell on the Auction House then I deconstruct them and gather their ingredients.  I also tend to manage our guild bank (not the items in the guild chest mind you) by sending in game mail to my premium account (which was actually made for that purpose).  However, in many instance I will have a good portion of in-game mail from auctions that have sold (yay ) or auctions that didn’t sell and I need to breakdown, or mail that didn’t get “processed” yet by bank characters on my premium account and this is just compounded from a short vacation or business trip.

 photo Erddealingwithmaintenance_zps846b12d4.jpgErdrique dealing with his character maintenance.

One thing that would help with something like this, at least for me, would be to have some type of interface set up that can connect to DDO without actually being loaded into the game that would allow me to check my in-game mail, post auctions, move items around from one character to another, and so forth.  If an interface like this existed, then I could work on these types of things during my down time at work, or during my lunch hour, and so forth.  In either case, its not something we have at the moment so I just grin and bare it and try to has as much fun with the “maintenance” as I can. 

Well that’s it for this blog post.  Thanks for reading everybody and don’t spend too much time working on your character maintenance and get back to questing!!  Oh yeah, and happy hunting too!!


4 thoughts on “Character Maintenance…The Least Fun Part of DDO

  1. I would so, having something that would allow us to keep up on the “mundane” in game chores would be really helpful. Something we could do while on breaks at work and that type of thing, allowing more time to quest!!


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