Taming the Flames or The Pit?

Earlier this week, I logged on for a mid-day afternoon run with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter).  Hamllin is finishing up his level 7 quests and the two he needed at that particular time were Taming the Flames and The Pit.  Both of these particular quests have some pretty interesting reputations.  The Pit has actually grown on me and although it can be quite challenging at level it affords a very large amount of experience.  Meanwhile, Taming the Flames, has always caused me “heartburn”.  For a character that doesn’t have evasion, dealing with the multitude of fire elementals and their dang fireballs on elite can be quite depressing.

However, in terms of quest length, Taming the Flames is considerably shorter than the The Pit and because I didn’t have a large amount of time, I decided to hit up Taming the Flames.  So I entered the quest with cleric hireling (just knowing that she would get cooked in there) and started forth.  I was expecting on having a difficult time in the quest but I actually did quite well.  Through a combination of heroism potions, fire protection potions, and guild buffs I was able to “absorb” a large amount of the fire damage.  I was also able to keep the hireling cleric alive, which was a feat in itself .

Hamllin prepping to take on the elementals photo Hamllinpreppingtotakeontheelementals_zpsb9b6d626.jpg
Hamllin likes dealing with these earth elementals much more than dealing with the dang fire elementals.

In the end, I chose to run Taming the Flames because it was a shorter quest to run but I was happy with my efficiency in it and in my relative ease in getting through it.  I was expecting on having a large number of problems with room where you loot the key to get unlock the door to the mephits.  That particular room with the key is guarded by fire elementals aplenty but the use of a invisibility potion and some scrambling back to the top of the cavern proved good enough .

So now, I only have the The Pit to worry about .

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!! 

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