Frustration with Tomb of the Tormented

I just created a blog post about the Tomb of the Unhallowed and how much fun I find that quest.  On the opposite of that, at least for me, is Tomb of the Tormented.  Another quest from the Necro III pack, Tomb of the Tormented is aptly named (at least in my opinion).  The quest giver is Kyriel Kallistae in the necropolis.  And like a few other quests in DDO, Tomb of the Tormented has developed its own reputation, that isn’t always good.

The layout for the tomb is not very complicated at all.  It is a rather simple map, however what makes this quest extremely annoying is a special mechanic where you need to lead rats through a maze to open up gates to get you into the next room.  As you enter into the tomb you realize that you are standing on a grated floor and through that floor are some mice in a maze along with a few obstacles.  The grated floor has some slots in it and during this whole time you are fighting zombies that drop piles of rotten meat when the are defeated.  The idea is to move the mice through the maze by dropping the rotten meat through the holes in the grates.  The problem with this is that the obstacles in the maze routinely kill the mice making you start all over.

Erd and Okhamel dealing with the Tomb of the Tormented photo ErdandOkhameldealingwiththeTomboftheTormented_zpscc9551f0.jpg
Erdrique is doing his best to lead the mice through the maze.

Also, leading the mice through maze can get a little difficult because looking through the grate and trying to navigate can get quite confusing and its easy to loose your spot as you traverse around the grate and try to lead the mouse safely through the maze.

You have to navigate three different mice to awaken the guardian of the tomb, Akhom.  The whole process can unfortunately take a significant amount of time.  One key thing here is that patience is a virtue as timing is needed to move the mice past traps and a few other enemies.

Time for Akhom to Awaken photo TimeforAkhomtoawaken_zps470d2629.jpg
It is time to awaken Akhom.

Overall, the quest isn’t hard but it is truly “Tormenting”.  However, I took Erdrique (Level 15 Druid) through it earlier in the weekend and now I don’t have to worry about again for this particular life :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!      


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