Pondering the Devastion to the Tomb of the Shadow Guard

I seem to have  an array of characters lurking around the Necropolis Series of quests, including my level 13 fighter, Charlock.  Over the weekend, I took Charlock into the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.  Now this particular tomb in the Necropolis is unlike any of other ones in that it has evidently started to collapse and to literally fill with water.  For a good portion of the quest you have to swim from one tunnel to another.  But what isn’t clear is actually what made the tomb crumble and get into this state?

Charlock fighting in Tomb of the Shadow Guard photo CharlockfightinginTomboftheShadowGuard_zpsaca92c28.jpg
Charlock exploring the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

So this made me wonder what event could have caused this.  While the other tombs definitely look worn down and unkept, they don’t seem to be under nearly as bad as shape as the Tomb of the Shadow Guard.  Its like this particular tomb was targetted for this type of destruction.  What is also interesting is that the spirit of the Shadow Guard mentions that he hates water.  This makes me wonder if this is just some type of evil plan by the mummy in the crypt or the vampire from the Cursed Crypt in order to keep the Shadow Guard as a loyal servant to the Abbot, especially since he is a necessary member of the Shadow Council. 

The only other thing that could have happened to the tomb is from a natural disturbance.  Stormreach is a hostile city in terms of weather and people, perhaps a strong or cataclysmic storm caused the destruction we see in the tomb.  Or another possibility, perhaps somebody in the tomb, maybe even the Shadow Guard himself, destroyed it from the inside, maybe deliberately or by accident.  Now that I think about it, that seems more likely.  In any case I just find it interesting that the tomb of the Shadow Guard is in such a state.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Pondering the Devastion to the Tomb of the Shadow Guard

  1. Somewhere in that storyline it states that there was a eathquake (or something similar), yet i dont see why that one is so damaged while the others are not.


  2. It’s mentioned specifically by quest givers that there was an earthquake (hence the flooding in and around the necro II tombs). The reason the Shadow Guard’s tomb is in such bad shape is no one cared enough to fix his back up. I can’t remember who tells you that off the top of my head, but it’s one of the NPCs.


    • Yeah I remember the earthquake causing the problem but the other tombs didn’t seem to take any damage and they don’t look like they have been kept up either, so why not the same amount of damage?


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