Veil and the Marut

I took Hamllin (Level 10 fighter) into the The Jungle of Khyber earlier this week and I began to wonder about Veil and Marut.  I wondered who sent the Marut after her?  I was beginning to wonder if The Inspired somehow sent the inevitable toward her.  We already know that the The Inspired were responsible for poisoning Orphne and for sabotaging Haywire’s constructs.  It stands to reason then that the Marut could have been sent by some emissaries of The Inspired.

Hamllin fighting through the Blackheart Encampment photo HamllinfightingthroughtheBlackheartEncampment_zps9115055e.jpg
Hamllin making his way through the Blackheart Troll Encampment to get to the Jungle of Khyber.

The Inspired also have a wide array of powerful spell casters who could have easily communicated with the Marut across the planes and implored him to destroy Veil.  In many cases this makes sense to me.  We know that Veil has been scared into hiding and she has recruited a number of powerful protectors and while we make our way through them to get to her we see that what she is afraid of is the powerful Marut.  However, the storyline doesn’t really give us much or a hint to who summoned the Marut to this particular bidding.  Veil does mention that the whole reason the Marut has been chasing her is to destroy her and all things that try to cheat death.  This is probably the correct reason for the Marut’s actions but how did the Marut know specifically about Veil.  There are plenty of other vampires running around Stormreach, so what about Veil grabbed his attention?  This is why I’m thinking that somehow the Inspired are involved. 

In either case, the Jungle of Khyber is definitely an interesting and fun quest that is commonly run and hands out quite a bit of experience.  Its storyline is interesting and I always enjoy running it, even when I get slaughtered by the Marut .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!!


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