What is the Backstory to Prince Kheffir?

The other day I took Erdrique (Level 15 Druid) into the quest And the Dead Shall Rise.  While running through the Tower of Validus thrown up in the northern end of Delera’s Graveyard by the lich Calliphor, I ran across one of the optional rare encounters, Prince Kheffir.  Now Prince Kheffir is a tough mummy avenger and it made me wonder what exactly his backstory really is.  Why is this powerful mummy fighting with or for Calliphor Validus?

Well first I wondered if Prince Kheffir was actually a true prince or if the prince in his name just refers to a different type of mummy, like a mummy guarding, mummy avenger, etc.  My best guess is that Prince Kheffir was at one time a prince and I’m thinking that he was somehow bound to Calliphor Validus.  I’m thinking that Calliphor somehow tricked a young Prince Kheffir into doing something that allow him to obtain some type of great power.  I’m also guessing that Calliphor was interested in Prince Kheffir because he was a naturally a gifted fighter and warrior. 

Erd fighting Prince Kheffir photo ErdfightingPrinceKheffir_zpsea1e26c8.jpg
Erdrique fighting Prince Kheffir in the quest And the Dead Shall Rise.

Perhaps Prince Kheffir was destined to be a ruler of a small kingdom somewhere in the wilds of Xen’drik or some other continent.  Everything we know about this unique mummy and his origins is more scant, it is basically just this particular encounter that we even learn of him. 


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