The Underground Temple in Ataraxia’s Haven

Over this past weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 15 Druid) into Ataraxia’s Haven and ventured around the area to collect some slayers and to hunt down the rest of my rare encounters.  As I was venturing around the island, I came across the Underground Temple explorer point and promptly entered.  It didn’t take long until I was assaulted by Hellgut and his band of darkfang spiders but after the battle I glanced around the temple.

The temple looked quite cozy and even had some lit brazier to it.  This made be wonder if somebody was using the temple.  The temple had a bookcase that rather full and but it was covered in webs.  I didn’t notice any religious symbols in the temple.  It is most likely that the temple hadn’t been used in awhile and the darkfang spiders took advantage of that particular situation to settle down in it and make it their humble abode.

Interesting Temple in the Haven photo InterestingTempleintheHaven_zps35250c07.jpg
Erdrique inside the Underground Temple in Ataraxia’s Haven.

However, who had used the temple prior?  Perhaps a pirate who used it as stop over on his raiding?  Perhaps one of the duergar on the island who as using it for hideout?  Not sure, but it does make one wonder who could have used the temple in the past as a home.

Well that is it for now, I just wanted to pass on one of my random thoughts once again :).  If you get a chance, check out Ataraxia’s Haven, it is a fun explorer area where you can rack up a lot experience relatively quickly.  Its one of my favorite areas.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting everybody!!


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