Frustration at Work Leading to Frustration in Game?

I’m lucky in that I’m employed in a job that I like and do well in for most aspects of my job duties but even with that said there are times when I do get frustrated at work.  One of these particular times occurred during this week and centered around some rather stupid issues, in my opinion.  The premise of the problem is having to deal with special files of data that we receive that aren’t easily able to be handled with our current infrastructure which has led to the development of a series of complicated steps to make them usable.  As a result, this has led to a large amount of confusion amoung the staff I supervise which has then lead to arguments among them which has then lead me to doubt the little supervisory skills I actually have.

Well, during the times such as these, I look forward to coming home and beating down some digitally enhanced monsters in DDO to relieve my annoyance and frustration.  However, something of note happened during this particular play session which led me to wonder how often frustration from real life bleeds into frustration in game.  The case in point occurred when I took Erdrique (Level 16 Druid) into The Cursed Crypt.  Now The Cursed Crypt can be an extremely annoying quest if you aren’t aware of its mechanics (and it still can be even with knowing them).  The Cursed Crypt requires you to complete the quest within an hour, so it does have a timer associated with it, and you can not kill more than five of the Silver Flame party that have been tricked/dominated by the boss, Maldetto.  In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best quest for me to run that day with my thoughts already frustrated but I scheduled myself to run this quest and I like to stick to my schedules.

So, I entered the quest on elite and summoned forth my hireling.  So I had my wolf companion, Fang, and my hireling cleric, Jatrina.  Off I went into the quest.  Now another part of the quest is to locate a key that will help free up some specters that offer you some help.  The only thing about this key is that it can be in one of two different locations and these locations are naturally on the opposite sides of the map.  So you have a 50/50 chance of finding the key in your first attempt and I was quite relieved to do just that..I felt my frustration level slowly draining away :). 

 photo ErdattackinganeternalwizardintheCursedCrypt_zpsa7130ede.jpg
Erdrique fighting an eternal skeleton in the Cursed Crypt.

However, shortly after I freed the specters I hit a large lag spike.  I just sat there in the dungeon, unable to move, and slowly watching the time tick away.  So I closed down the launcher and then re-started it.  I popped back into the game within the Cursed Crypt.  However, because of that the map was reset and all of the buffs I had on my companion were gone because I had to re-summon him.  So now I was a little flustered and frustrated.  However, I moved through the rest of the quest without any other real obstacles until the end fight.

When I got to the end fight, I had planned to focus on Maldetto completely and ignoring the Silver Flame stooges.  However, the Silver Flame priests and their dang cometfalls were driving me crazy so I decided to kill them leaving the Silver Flame warriors to run around.  When the priests fell I focused my entire attention on Maldetto and dragged him to other side of the room where I unleashed on him.  However, I neglected to set Jatrina to passive, for I though for sure she would be able to defeat the two Silver Flame warriors that were left.  Well…I was wrong..Just before I finished off Maldetto the notation for the quest failure flashed on the screen when I looked around and noticed that Jatrina did kill both of the Silver Flame warriors by herself…(Fang was with me).  Frustrating indeed…

So I started to wonder if frustration just bled into the game for me during this session.  But I just came to realize it wasn’t really a “bleeding” over as much as it was just me not being on the top of my game.  I should have put up a number of earthquakes to keep the dang Silver Flame warriors on their buts and I should have turned Jatrian to passive.  If I had done that then I would have beat the quest.  Oh well, lesson learned.  I’ll reenter the Cursed Crypt on Friday as it is the only level 12 quest left on my list to complete and then I’ll keep moving forward with the level 13 quests. 

In any case, the gaming session to distract me from my troubles at work and may have even allowed to come up with a different way to view my problem.  In any case, I really enjoy the challenge of DDO in some quests and for its ability for me to relieve my real life frustrations. 

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!! 


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