The Beauty of the King’s Forest

I haven’t ventured too much into the Forgotten Realms content of DDO as of yet.  I have done some of the quests out there but there is still a lot of things out there that I have yet to experience.  But one of the things I have enjoyed so far is the King’s Forest.  The other day, I took Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) out there to do some wandering around for a morning slayer/explorer run.  The King’s Forest is beautifully laid out and it reminds me a lot of the times when I used to go camping as a kid in the heart of Michigan.  The details of the forests, with the large deciduous trees and flowing river, just make you feel like you are in actual forest as opposed to the lush jungles in the Eberron landscapes such as Sorrowdusk Isle and Tangleroot.

Exploring the King's Forest photo ExploringtheKingsForest_zps4453b246.jpg
Kolll exploring the King’s Forest.

Another fun aspect is the wildlife that you frequently encounter when running around the King’s Forest.  Coming across a group of deer or a lone fox or a stray bird was a nice little touch that just strengthens the feel of the forest.  The enemies you also encounter are also quite fun and interesting from the drow to the mudmen to the hags.  The explorer area of the King’s Forest is pretty large and I still have yet to find all of Eliminster’s messages, then again I haven’t really spent a whole lot of time in their either. 

Time to hit many shot photo Timetohitmanyshot_zps7921a0bc.jpg
Kolll coming up upon some dire bears in the King’s Forest.

The various rare encounters is also a nice mechanic that I have enjoyed so far.  I like when you are coming up on one that you get a notice and it shows up on the map to help you navigate to it more efficiently.  It also seems to contain more than one enemy as well.  The out of place fire reaver I find very interesting so highlighting how much the rift between the worlds has become.

Fighting a Forest Hag photo FightingaForestHag_zpsaa3b9552.jpg
Kolll fighting a forest hag in the King’s Forest.

With my ranger, he just felt like he was “home” and where he should be.  In any case, I just wanted to highlight this adventure area as I really do enjoy running around in it.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting everybody!!


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