Liking the New Spellsinger Changes

This morning was the first time I logged on with my Spellsinger Bard Larrs (Level 20) since Update 22 Patch 2 was released which changed up the Spellsinger and Warchanter Bard Prestige enhancement lines.  So the first thing I had to do was to respend all of Larrs’ action points which I devoted entirely to the Spellsinger tree.  Since I did this relatively quickly, I might wind up mixing it up later, but as it stands right now I was quite impressed to see the changes.

Larrs trying out his new abilities in Gianthold photo ScreenShot00005_zps10a51fce.jpg
Larrs out in the Gianthold and playing around with his new abilities.

After I redistributed his enhancement points, I headed off to the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic version) and worked on some of the Stormeye Slayers.  One of the enhancements I took was the tier 5 enhancement, Horn of Thunder spell like ability.  I was quite surprised to see triple digit numbers being racked off on the mobs as I sent it forth.  Up this point, I never considered Larrs to be an offensive caster, but more of a backup healer, a buffer, and a crowd control specialist.  Now with thse spell like abilities, I feel like he contribute as a decent spell caster as well.  I also took the spell like abilities for shout and sonic blast as well, which means I can switch out sonic blast from my spell list and load up something different.

So, with this respect I like the changes.  I’ll be curious to see how well he does in higher level content.  In any case, I definitely feel he is stronger, which is a nice thing :).

Thanks for reading everybody and now get back to hunting!!     


One thought on “Liking the New Spellsinger Changes

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