Oh the Dreaded Cursed Crypt

One of the more challenging quests I have completed with Erdrique (Level 16 Druid) is The Cursed Crypt.  The Cursed Crypt is the capstone quest to the Necro III quest chain and has two mechanics that are challenging: 1). it is timed and 2). it has a limited number of “enemies” that can be slain.  Both of these types of mechanics make a quest challenging, and often times irritating.  The quest giver is Sir Pythias the Radiant (just have to like that name..) and he mentions to you that the Cursed Crypt boss, Maldetto, has is a powerful vampire who has the ability to take control of your mind if you stay within the crypt for too long (hence the time limit).  He also tells you that his last party he sent in there hasn’t returned and when you enter the quest you come across a Silver Flame survivor who tells you that the party has been dominated and that you shouldn’t kill them because they are unaware of what they are doing, hence you get the quest objective of killing no more than five of the dominated Silver Flame members.

When you enter the quest, you see that you have about an hour to complete it.  That sounds like a lot of time, and it is if you know what you are doing, but please take note that the quest layout is quite large.  If you haven’t done this quest before, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to locate a key that will free a set of specters that will “help” you.  This part of the quest is probably the most time consuming because the key can be located in two separate locations that are, of course, on opposite ends of the map.  The key can be located in one of the “cloisters”, which are just rooms of Maldetto’s followers (and possibly of some of the dominated Silver Flame guys).  Once you get the key, and unlock the specters, the rest of the quest isn’t to bad, in terms of taking a large amount of time.

Erd fighting his way through the Cursed Crypt photo ErdfightinghiswaythroughtheCursedCrypt_zps074c6f17.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Cursed Crypt.

Over this past week, it took me three different tries to complete the Cursed Crypt on elite.  The first attempt, I was running it with my companion and my hireling and made it all the way to the final fight with only the death of one of the Silver Flame members and with plenty of time (as I lucky enough to find the key right away).  However, it was during the final fight when I messed up.  In the final fight, Maldetto is protected by four members of the Silver Flame.  To complete the quest, less than five Silver Flame could be killed.  Well, the Silver Flame priests, and their constant barrage of comet falls, were aggravating me so I kill them.  I did this with the assumption that my cleric hireling wouldn’t be able to kill the other Silver Flame warriors before I killed Maldetto.  Well, I underestimated the cleric’s ability and just before I finished off Maldetto she had finished off the Silver Flame warriors and I had the quest failure message splash up on screen…ugh…how frustrating. 

Over the weekend, I tried the Cursed Crypt once again.  This time I decided that I would use the spell Earthquake to sit the Silver Flame body guards on their buts while I dealt with Maldetto.  Again, I made it to the final fight without any problems, but this time I had accidentally killed two of the Silver Flame members.  So now, as I entered into the final fight, I laid down an earthquake but I did the fatal error of having the spell maximized and empowered.  Before I even got Maldetto halfway down the quest failure message popped up again as I noticed all of the Silver Flame guys die at the same time from my earthquake.  Now I was just irritated.

Erd attacking an eternal wizard in the Cursed Crypt photo ErdattackinganeternalwizardintheCursedCrypt_zpsa7130ede.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the eternal wizard in the Cursed Crypt.

So, I reentered the quest once again.  However, this time I was able to make it to the final fight without a single Silver Flame member killed.  Now there was no way I couldn’t complete the quest unless I actually died because there are only four members in the last fight.  However, I had to make a point.  This time I laid down a regular earthquake and immediately took Maldetto and ran him around away from the Silver Flame members.  I assaulted him with everything I had and I was relieved to notice that not only did I complete the quest, I also noted that I didn’t even lose a single member of the Silver Flame!!  So after three attempts…this time I had a flawless victory :).

I guess my point is to keep persistent and to keep trying different tactics.  Eventually you will make it through that stubborn quest :P!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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