Remembering When…Tomb of the Shadow King

Earlier this week, I took Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter) into the Tomb of the Shadow King.  As a result, I couldn’t help but think about when this quest first came out.  The Tomb of the Shadow King was released with the other Necropolis II pack quests back with Module 3 Patch 3: Litany of the Dead Part 2 back in January 2007.  At that time the level cap was only level 12 and one of the first times I ran this quest was with Erdrique on elite with another guildie (who unfortunately doesn’t play anymore 😦 ) and four other pugs.  Boy was that a mistake…lol.

Hamllin fighting Patice Lornat in Tomb of the Shadow King photo ScreenShot00000_zps25d8399f.jpg
Hamllin fighting Patice Lornat in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

At the time Erdrique was only level 10, but luckily he was a paladin.  I had warned my fellow guildie that I didn’t think entering the Tomb of the Shadow King on elite was such a hot idea as people were still trying to figure out the quests and the Shadow King was known to notoriously difficult because of its respawns.  But I gave in and followed him into the quest.  Needless to say, after about two hours of frustration, all I could say is that it was definitely an interesting experience.  Our poor band got our butts handed to us by the plethora of shadows, umbral worgs, umbral gargoyles, phase spiders, specters, and wraiths.  It was also an interesting experience in trying to navigate the mummy boss back to the “light room” and trying to keep the light on while the party also fought the mummy.  In then end, we finally did defeat the boss.  However, there was other thing about the release notes that I didn’t point.  And here it is:

Experience debt disappears at roughly 1.5% per hour, whether you’re just relaxing inside one of Stormreach’s many fine taverns or logged off exploring the realms of the real world.  

Yes, at that time we actually received an experience death penalty and I can say that by the time we finished that quest, I had died so many times that I lost experience..It took me a number of quest completions to finally break even, that was how bad it was.

And now, with Hamllin, I was able to move through the quest with only one hiccup…I did die once when my hireling got stuck on her pathing and didn’t follow me.  I didn’t even bother to take the mummy back to the lighting room and just beat him down where he busted out of the tomb.  The times have definitely changed but I appreciate those “older” times as I feel it made me a stronger and more lenient player. 

In any case, here is to all of the “long time” vets who still like to quest and sleigh monsters in this great game!! 🙂  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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