What Happened to the Commander’s armor?

I took Erdrique (Level 16 Druid) into the Sands of the Menechtarun over the weekend when I noticed a strange occurrence with the armored firebrand gnolls (the lieutenants, sergeants, etc.).  When I was attacking these armored firebrand gnolls, they lost their armor at some point.  I think it mostly happened after I tripped them.  The same occurrence happened with the rare encounter, Commander Errulf.  I happened to be able to take a quick screenshot below:

Wha happened to the Commander's armor? photo WhathappenedtotheCommandersarmor_zps7f03b495.jpg
What happened to Commander’s Errulf armor?

You can see that in my focus orb that Commander Errulf is fully decked out in his heavy armor but the gnoll that I’m attacking looks like one of the lightly armored gnoll archers.  Not sure what is going on there but I thought it was curious indeed.

In any case, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Desert!!


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