A Fun Time in Overgrowth

Early this week, I took Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) into the quest Overgrowth.  Overgrowth is the second quest in the Druid’s Deep Story arc.  The quest has a heroic and epic version with the heroic normal version being a level 17 quest and the epic normal version being level 23.  Since I have only done this quest a couple of times, I decided to tackle it on heroic hard, making it a level 18 quest.  The quest giver is Eolynn Arva who is located in Eveningstar.  The quest location is in a lodge on the outskirts of the village, which I found to be interesting because it is the lodge of a well known ranger, Peron Uthe, who you had to destroy in the previous quest Outbreak.

 photo Larrscheckingoutthecabin_zps073d645c.jpg
Larrs scanning the lodge.

Larrs fighting a Vine Horror photo LarrsfightingaVineHorro_zps8e006578.jpg
Larrs fighting a vine horror in the beginning of Overgrowth.

The layout of the quest is pretty straightforward.  I found the atmosphere in the lodge to be creepy and that was enhanced when Larrs and his party of hireling was attacked by a bunch of vine horrors and red musk zombies.  As I moved through the lodge, the other enemies I encountered where primal wisps and wolves.  I was a little disappointed as I moved into a few of the rooms with the optionals to spawn forth some wood woads because I didn’t get a chance to encounter them because the enemies were spaced to far throughout the room and I couldn’t kill them fast enough (to spawn the wood woads you have to kill all of the enemies in the room within a specified amount of time).  The other thing I found interesting while running through the lodge were the bear traps.

Not a bad shout photo Notabadshout_zpsfcfde2a9.jpg
Larrs fighting a primal wisp.

I did get a chance to face off against one wood woad, Falcata, and found him to be fun.  Not quite sure why but I just found him to be interesting.  I also found it interesting that throughout the quest we were chasing a Harper “bard” that looked more like a ranger than he did a bard.

Larrs fighting Falcata photo LarrsfightingFalcata_zps535511b2.jpg
Larrs and his group fighting Falcata.

Who is this guy? photo Whoisthisguy_zps4154054e.jpg
Larrs wondering who this guy is.

The end fight consisted of some vine horror and red musk zombie spawns and a red-named dryad.  I have only faced off against a few of these and enjoyed chasing the dryad back to her tree and being forced to destroy her tree to destroy her. 

Time to fight a Dryad Tree photo TimetofightaDryadTree_zpsd5e041b9.jpg
Larrs and his group attacking the dryad’s tree.

The quest length I thought was nice.  It wasn’t a long quest and you had plenty of time to really take in the scene at the lodge and to move through the quest at a comfortable pace. 

I really enjoyed running it and look forward to trying in in a few more levels on epic settings.  It is a fun quest with some interesting dynamics and characters.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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