A Look at the Attack on Stormreach Chain

Over the last two weeks or so, I took Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) through the quests for the Attack on Stormreach Chain.  This particular chain contains four quests: Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, and the capstone quest, Seigebreaker.  This chain is a follow up to the Deception of Stormreach quests which include Diplomatic Impunity, Framework, and Eyes of Stone however these quests can be skipped so that you can run the Attack on Stormreach Chain directly, if so desired.  All of the quests within the Attack on Stormreach Chain are level 13 on normal (the Deception of Stormreach chain are all level 12 on normal) and the story arc quest giver is Darmon Kosh who is located in the Lordsmarch Plaza.  If you have completed the Deception in Stormreach quests, Darmon Kosh will then flag you down and “recruit” you into the Stormreach militia.  At that point you are asked to talk to the Coin Lords in the Lordsmarch Palace and to start off the chain.

The three “flagging” quests (Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, and Undermine) are fun quests of medium and short length, which I think is a perfect because it allows me to not have to worry too much on any time constraints I might have during my playing schedule.  The enemies within this chain are more of the same you encounter from the Deception of Stormreach chain.  Mainly consisting of some brutish ogres, annoying half-orcs, powerful orcs, wily gnolls, dangerous kobolds, a few other medusae, and of course the end boss of Seigebreaker being the green hag, Sora Katra. 

Erd looking at the Droaam forces in Summefield photo ErdlookingattheDroaamforcesinSummefield_zps52d69970.jpg
Erdrique traveling along the rooftops in Sumemrfield.

The end quest, Seigebreaker, is longer than the other three quests and contains a number of interesting optionals, that when completed, bring forth an encounter with a red-named medusa.  The quest contains a few funny parts as well, such as the discovery of the “largest explosive barrel you have ever seen” to the arrival of the Droaam cavalry once you defeat Sora Katra which are composed of ogres riding rust monsters (which of course ends that hilarity…). 

Taking on the Droaam forces in the Harbor photo TakingontheDroaamforcesintheHarbor_zps768bdb0c.jpg
Erdrique fighting the enemies of the Droaam blockade.

The quest mechanics that are employed with this story arc are also interesting.  For instance, in Assault on Summefield, you have an optional to locate the injured Stormreach guards.  In Blockade buster, you have to blow up the blockade by detonating the bombs from each vessel, and in Undermine you have the huge rolling stone to deal with, reminiscent of Indiana Jones.  The unique mechanics continue in Seigebreaker, where you can set campsites on fire to complete an optional objective.  This puts a little bit of uniqueness to these quests.

Taking on a combat engineer in Undermine photo TakingonacombatengineerinUndermine_zps27389584.jpg
Erdrique making his way through Undermine.

Laying down the firewalls and earthquakes in Undermine photo LayingdownthefirewallsandearthquakesinUndermine_zps8d4335fe.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the invading forces of Droaam before heading down into the tunnels of Undermine.

Another aspect of this quest chain is centered around the named loot that you can obtain from it and in the method of upgrading/crafting it to an upgraded version.  Throughout the quests within this chain, you can gather these special “marks” that can be combined within the Cauldron of Sora Katra that will allow you to fuse some of these things together and combine their attributes.  It is an interesting concept, although I admit I haven’t really used this crafting concept all that much.

Erdrique making his way through Seigebreaker photo ErdriquemakinghiswaythroughSeigebreaker_zps4051847a.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Droaam forces in Seigebreaker.

Overall, the quest chain is fun and capstone quest can be quite challenging.  If you have a chance, I would recommend trying the quests within this story arc out and see for yourself.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting those Droaam forces!!

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