Caverns of Korromar

Another old quest that I have always liked is the Caverns of Korromar.  Early last week, I took Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter) into this intriguing quest.  The quest giver is Ulfgar d’Kundarak, who resides in the House Kundarak ward not too far way from the auctioneer.  The premise of the quest surrounds a tragedy that happened to a House Kundarak excavation crew that were working the grounds of a holy site of the ancient giant kingdom.  The excavation crew was slaughtered and now reside in the site as undead guardians.

Hamllin looking upon the digsite at Korromar photo HamllinlookinguponthedigsiteatKorromar_zpsb1d4f067.jpg
Hamllin looking upon the Caverns of Korromar.

After you learn of the details of the quest, the quest giver will teleport you to Korromar so you can begin your journey.  This is another quest that is similar to Stormcleave, Gwylan’s Stand, and Redwillow’s Ruins, where you have an interesting mixture of outdoor exploring mixed in with some dungeon/tunnel exploration.  I believe that the the Caverns of Korromar contains more of the dungeon exploration than the others, proportionately.

Now, Caverns of Korromar used to be one of the toughest quests in game and was also known to be part of a loot run as well as a source of some pretty interesting loot pieces.  The loot run used to consist of zoning into the quest and running up a few pillars to defeat a flesh render that guarded a chest that would spawn upon its death.  It took just a minute or two to get to the flesh render and the chest making it a quick loot run.  This was eventually changed where the chest was locked and could only be opened with a key that was obtained later in the quest. 

The Caverns of Korromar is a level 8 quest on normal and is still quite challenging for those who have never run it before.  The quest is composed of a nice variety of monsters, that I’m still trying to figure out how they relate to each other.  The quest is, of course, littered with undead zombie dwarves but also contains a plethora of other undead enemies: wraiths, specters, blackbone skeletons, and wights.  However, the undead aren’t the only baddies you will come across.  To further explore the ruins of Korromar you have to travel through a number of tunnels and digsites.  These tunnels contain spiders, glass spiders, mephits, and slimes as well as their undead companions.  Not to mention, this particular quest contains a very large number of optional named enemies, which makes the quest quite interesting because some of these named monsters are undead minions (wraiths, specters, wights, etc) but also include some named flesh renders. 

Hamllin putting a fallen worker to rest photo Hamllinputtingafallenworkertorest_zps54e9c775.jpg
Hamllin dealing with a fallen dwarven worker in the outskirts of the ruins.

The layout of the quest is fun, at least in my opinion.  You basically start out on the edge of the courtyard to the ruins, which has a massive door keeping the courtyard blocked from the rest of the ruins.  You have to travel through a tunnel to come up on the other side of the door, fighting the entire way.  You can then open the door and progress further into the quest.  Once you get past the courtyard and to the main area of the digsites you see four distinct excavation sites.  Each site has an optional objective that requires you to find a journal to learn more about the various pieces of interest in the digsite.  It seems that these holy and magical pieces have been altered in one way or another and this has helped in resulting in corruption of Korromar.  Some of these excavation sites are tougher than others, however they are all linked together.  Once you get through the excavation sites and eliminate their threats and realign the holy and magical pieces together, you open up the way to central excavation site to find the primary source of evil in Korromar.

Now this last fight is where one might first come across a beholder.  But evidently the source of the corruption and evil in Korromar is due to the named beholder at the end, who is also guarded by a contingent of blackbone skeletons.  On elite, this beholder can be tricky and difficult to deal with, especially for newer players.  Now how this beholder is linked to the large source of undead in the area, how he is linked to the flesh renders, and how/why he came to Korromar in the first place is not well known and leaves one to wonder.

A number of fun loot items also comes out of Caverns of Korromar include the Necklace of Contemplation, the Chill Shard, and the Xoriat Forged Blade.  The quest is a fun one and has a number of interesting aspects to it.  If you get the chance to take it on, I would recommend it, but beware of the beholder at the end and make sure you prepare appropriately!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!   


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