So What is in All of Those Book cases?

I have been running the Ruins of Threnal with Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter) when I noticed one of the many bookcases in the Western Excavation.  This made me wonder about the many volumes of books that always populated these bookcases.  In some instances, these bookcases are actually selectable and will contain some type of a collectible, but the majority are not.  In many instances, the dungeons our characters are ancient ruins (such as Threnal) while in other cases they are monster or enemy strongholds and in other instances they are actually libraries (old and current). 

So what books are in an ancient bookshelf? photo Sowhatbooksareinanancientbookshelf_zpsafce3cd0.jpg
Hamllin wondering what types of volumes are located in those bookcases in Threnal.

Thinking about these locations, I figure that the plethora of bookcases we come across will hold different volumes and types of books based on where they are located.  For instance, in the Ruins of Threnal, I figure that many of these texts are ancient writings from the slave races of the ancient giant civilization.  Many of these volumes probably chronicle the events that have occurred during the time of the ancient giant civilization or are perhaps record the troubles that the ancient giant civilization had to overcome.  There are probably volumes within the bookcase that also contain the deeds of ancient heroes, describe ancient religions, and might even contain ancient journals and spellbooks.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one were to come across an ancient cook book :P.  In fact, in regards to Threnal, the whole point of securing the library is so that House Deneith can scour the books in hopes to learn how that ancient city became so powerful and how it got destroyed.

Thinking of the enemy strongholds, I imagine a good amount of these volumes would contain roster lists, supply orders, maintenance logs, and other military or similar documents.  I would also imagine that many of these volumes would include maps of the local or surrounding areas, tomes of religions, and maybe even some type of natural history volumes, volumes that would explain the animals and plants that might be present in the area or the type of landscaping one might find.

In regards the actual libraries we have come across as adventurers, I imagine any type of tome or journal would be available in these locations.  Some of these particular libraries were more focused in their regard (such as the Haunted Library) but generally a library suggests a wide variety of books and volumes would be accessible.  I also wouldn’t be surprised to see tomes that had histories of the ancient lore or histories of the various dragon marked houses.

In any case, the bookcases around the dungeons, ruins, and strongholds we explore are quite numerous.  I wish we had a way to better discern what those books were but I guess we can always let our imagination run wild :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “So What is in All of Those Book cases?

  1. I think this is an excellent opportunity for the developers to make all these books more interesting in game. Why not have a book equivalent of the Monster Manual with rewards for finding obscure texts. Chances to find times in shelves or magic scrolls. I am sure more people would take a look at the books then 🙂


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