The Joys and Tribulations of the Daily Dice Roll

Ok, that’s it…I know it is true.  The Daily Dice rolls are just rigged, lol.  Check out these rolls from my two accounts.  The first roll is on my character Stoorage, who is my main character on my premium account.

Stoorage and his dice roll!! photo Stoorageandhisdiceroll_zps25ec6833.jpg
Stoorage rolls a 100!!

So my premium account character rolls a 100 on his daily dice roll and gathers a 1500 experience point gem and an Excellent Experience Elixir.  After the roll, I logout on that account and log onto my VIP account with Erdrique.  Take a look at his roll.

Erd and his poor roll photo Erdandhisdiceroll_zps94e41366.jpg
Erdrique is just bumming…

So Erdrique rolls a friggin 1.  Now why couldn’t that have been a 100.  I mean, dang, the chances of rolling a 1 or 100 are the same…friggin random chance and random number generators…

LOL, oh well.  Better luck next time.  I just thought this was funny considering these rolls were down mere minutes apart from each other.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!


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