So What is Up With The Seers in Madstone Crater?

Something just dawned on me over the weekend as I was taking Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) through Madstone Crater.  This has to do with those hill giant seers that we rescue and then protect.  Did you ever notice that once you rescue the seers from their undead guardians and controllers that the seers will simply teleport their way to the various crystal that needs to be shattered? 

 photo Okhowdidtheseergethere_zpsa66e192a.jpg
Erdrique not appreciating the seer just leaving him to do his dirty work.

Now I never really gave this much thought up until now but it occurred to me how ungrateful these seers are.  Think about all of the fighting you have to endure to get to those points where those evil crystals are and how easily the three giant seers just teleported themselves to those specific locations.  Why couldn’t they just teleport you to those crystals as well and make our lives just as easy? 

Then again, I guess if the seer just did teleport us straight to the crystal then we would still have to battle our way back through those enemies as we make our way to the next seer who need to be rescued and back to Blaze at the beginning of the quest…but still we would have plenty of more resources to use to protect him if he simply took us with him. 

Well, even though they are seers, I guess they still aren’t too bright…they are hill giants after hall.  But then again, what does that say about our own intelligence since we follow them into the fight without any

Well thanks for reading everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend of questing!!  Happy hunting!!


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