Who is Eidolon Darkmist?

Some of the quests I planned on running this weekend included those out in the Ruins of Gianthold.  One of those quests I ran was the Maze of Madness.  The Maze of Madness occurs in the Minotaur Lair which is located in the Stormheart Encampment of Gianthold, not far from the quest Madstone Crater.  With a name like the Minotaur Lair, you can imagine that the good majority of enemies you will have to deal with are minotaurs, which is true.  However, their is one strange enemy within this quest: Eidolon Darkmist.     

 photo WhoisEidolonDarkmist_zps6d75a10b.jpg
Erdrique wondering who is this strange human in the middle of the Minotaur Lair.

Eidolon Darkmist is far from being a minotaur.  He is actually a human caster, not sure if he is a wizard or sorcerer (or perhaps something else), who seems to be located in his own little dwelling inside the Minotaur Lair.  As we make our way through the maze to get to minotaur boss we stumble across him locked away, he appears to be more of a prisoner than anything else, but of course he is far from that with the ability to cast spells and attack at will. 

So what is his actual story here?  I can think of a few reasons why this unusual human is found in this lair of minotaurs.  First off, perhaps he is acting as an adviser to Malkian the Mad and his fellow lieutenants.  This seems a little unlikely, I just don’t see this bunch of minotaurs looking for an “adviser”.  Another possibility could be that Eidolon is an ambassador, diplomat, or emissary from some other group or faction.  Perhaps he serves as a messenger from the minotaurs in Gianthold to those in the Matador Village?  Maybe he is an agent from the Emerald Claw?  A third possibility is that he might be some type of assassin.  Perhaps Malkian the Mad wants to eliminate some of his competition in the Stormheart Encampment but doesn’t not to be directly tied to anything…he is mad afterall…

Not sure, but there are a lot of curious possibilities about Eidolon Darkmist and his appearance in the Minotaur Lair.  What does everybody else think? 

Thanks for reading everybody, not get back into Gianthold and gather some quests!!  Happy hunting everybody!!


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