My First Saga Completion

Sagas have been out now for a little while.  However, I haven’t really had a chance to fully engage and complete any of them until this past weekend.  This was primarily because I didn’t really have any characters at those particular levels yet (for the epic ones) or I had simply gone through a heroic true reincarnation prior to their completion (for the heroic ones).  However, this changed over the weekend when I completed the The Wastes of Gianthold Saga (Heroic) :).  Earlier in the week, I had completed a few of the Gianthold quests and then I finished it up over the weekend.  I completed all of the quests on elite except for the The Crucible which I skipped.  I thought that the reward list was pretty interesting.

First saga reward list photo FirstSagaReward_zpsce194a48.jpg
Erdrique scanning his first saga reward list.

I just thought it funny that one of the options was a Tales of Valor when the other guild renown option was for the 15,000 renown token.  The Perform skill tome I also thought a little useless but no worries.  I was really looking forward to snagging the guild renown.  I didn’t really care about the experience token.  Erdrique (Level 17 Druid) already has level 18 “banked” is doesn’t have that much more before he is forced to advance and to bank level 19, and he is only working on the level 14/15 quests.  I already had a lesser guild renown elixir active so I went ahead and took the guild renown award.

Nice set of renown photo Nicesetofrenwon_zpsd380564a.jpg
Erdrique liking that renown award!!

I was quite surprised to see how much renown I was able to receive when I accepted the reward.  The 15,000 guild renown token, plus our small guild size (14 active accounts at the moment, although I have two of those accounts), plus the lesser guild renown elixir equaled 92,400 renown.  Nice indeed!!  I currently have a few of my characters working on the heroic Pirates of the Thunder Sea (Heroic) saga and it won’t be much longer when I move some of epic level characters to those sagas as well. 

I hope we see more of these as they are fun to work on!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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