The Quest Missing Is An Interesting Challenge

Some of the more interesting quests in the game include those that deal with the plane of Xoriat, better known as the Realm of Madness.  The Harbinger of Madness quest chain contains a series of quests that are based around the creatures of Xoriat, primarily the mindflayer, Yaulthoon.  The first quest in this series is called Missing.  The whole quest chain starts off as an investigation from the Stomreach Chronicle reporters (chain is handed out by Tessa Aster who is positioned in the Harbor close to the Harbor and Marketplace gate) who have started to look into these strange and disturbing occurrences occurring in and around the Stormreach Harbor.  The first quest is about looking into the strange disappearances of people in the Saltire District.  The quest giver for Missing is Godwick Spurge, who is located in the lower portion of the Harbor not far from the Waterworks.

Missing is a level 15 quest on normal, therefore making it a level 17 quest on elite.  The types of enemies you encounter in here as well as the sheer number of them is what makes this quest extremely challenging.  There are four primary enemies you will encounter in this quest: mind flayer mages, Xoriat flenders, taken, and tharaak hounds.  You will also encounter some mini beholders, dogs, the remnants of the Swiftfoot gang, rats, and bats.  The end boss is a chaos beholder and who can also be quite challenging.  The most dangerous of these enemies is the mind flayer mages and tharaak hounds.  They always seem to occur in at least pairs or more with the mind flayer mages constantly casting fire walls, balls of lighting, and psionic blasts.  The tharaak hounds meanwhile are spewing forth their acid attacks, trying to hit you with phantasmal killer, and knocking party members senseless with cyclonic blast.  To make things worse, there is a particular part in the quest where you stumble upon a mini beholder who dispells all of your buffs and hits you with his wide array of spells when you are being pummeled by the mind flayer mages and tharaak hounds.

Erd freezing a mind flayer with Jaws of Winter photo ErdfreezingamindflayerwithJawsofWinter_zpsece5e1a2.jpg
Erdrique using Jaws of Winter to freeze a mind flayer mage in the quest Missing.

Now, although the mind flayer mages and tharaak hounds are the most dangerous enemies, the Xoriat flesh renders and taken are also not to be taken lightly.  This is because these creatures just tend to attack in swarms…and even more swarms.  These enemies just seem to come out of the wood work, literally, in this quest.

There is also a very powerful optional named tharaak hound, named Palefire.  He has the ability to cast the cold version of fire shield on himself which makes melee attacks on him pretty dangerous.  To top that off, he is usually guarded by our favorite mind flayer mages, taken, Xoriat flenders, and other tharaak hounds.  Luckily you can attack him from above by raining attacks down on him from a ledge. 

There are a few optionals in the quest which are easy enough to get.  The first is to talk the guard and wizard at the beginning of the quest who then give you other optionals: one is to find and take care of the Swiftfoot gang and the other is apply a “mark” to those who are mad.  Both of these are relatively easy to complete as you normally make your way through the quest.  However, sometimes you might miss a person to “mark” because they are put in random locations.  Now once you complete these two optionals you are then bestowed with two more which is to simply report back to the guard and wizard.  However, be warned, as soon as you do this the guard and wizard attack you. 

Now as you make your way through the Saltire District you come across another guard who will not let you into a mansion to further your “investigation.”  He makes you gather “proof” before he will let you investigate the owner of the mansion.  So as you make your way through the Saltire District you will find three pieces of evidence to take back to the guard.  As you encounter each piece of evidence, you enter into a “hazy” zone indicating that you are close to discovering one of the pieces.  No the Saltire District can be a little confusing to navigate through.  You will have to move through the street, sewers, through buildings, along rooftops, and eventually back to mansion.  As you do this, will be assaulted the entire time, of course.  There aren’t a lot of traps in here, although there is at least one little slicing trap that looks pretty vicious :).

Also a thing to point out, the enemies do respawn.  Keep this in mind as you make your way back to the mansion as you don’t want to draw too much aggro.  There is at least two shrines in the quest, one being in the mansion itself, just before the last fight.  The last fight will only be with the chaos beholder,  Z’miizith, and his taken help.  As Z’miirzith takes some time to shed off his disguise, you can lay down the field of battle to prepare for his attack (fire walls, earthquake, etc.). 

Overall, Missing is a challenging quest.  Maintain a “workable” amount of aggro is paramount as you can become over run quite quickly in here.  Also, dealing with the mind flayer mages and fast as possible is wise, as well as the enjoying tharaak hounds.  So if you like a challenge, give this quest a look :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!          

10 thoughts on “The Quest Missing Is An Interesting Challenge

  1. The Missing was the quest where I first got the chance to do some in-game writing. The Stormreach Chronicles in that quest were written by me. 🙂 I count is as one of the coolest things I’ve been able to do here.


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