A Look at My Mechanic Rogue-Sludgge

I was asked to write up a blog about Sludgge, my Mechanic rogue a few weeks ago.  Sludgge is one of my oldest characters who was originally created to be part of a static warforged group.  When I had first created him, our gang had decided that all of our warforged characters for this group would take at least one level of wizard or sorcerer in able to repair ourselves and each other with wands when necessary.  So for a log time Sludgge had one level of wizard.  However, when we received our +20 Lesser Hearts of Wood I was able to take that level out and I was able to upgrade him from a 28 point build to a 32 point build.

Sludgge has always been a rogue and he has always been a Mechanic rogue (since that prestige enhancement was first created).  Sludgge currently stands at level 20 and is progressing through the Shadowdancer Epic Destiny tree.  My play style with Sludgge is probably quite different from most mechanics.  Sludgge is dual wielder who uses weapon finesse as opposed to using his granted abilities to use repeating crossbows.  I do have a repeater or do for any ranged situations but for the most part Sludgge primarily uses rapiers and shortswords.

Sludgge pretty much has maxed out his Dexterity as high as he can and then has spread the rest of his points relatively evenly across Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence.  I didn’t but any points into Wisdom or Charisma and this shows horribly as Sludgge typically fails Will Saves left and right, so that is probably his largest shortcoming.  Currently, Sludgge has only used one +3 Tome (in Dexterity), 3 +2 Tomes (Strength, Intelligence, Constitution), and 2 +1 Tomes (Charisma and Wisdom).  He also doesn’t have the best stat gear, as he still has equipped a number of +5 and +6 items.  So he definitely can raise his attributes quite a bit once I can devote some time in doing that.

 photo Sludgge1_zps73ff05c9.jpg
Sludgge’s current attribute scores with guild buffs.

For skills, I dumped the vast majority of his skill points into the typical roguish skills including use magical device, spot, disable device, search, open lock, hide, move silently, diplomacy, haggle, jump, and tumble.  I splashed a few other points in haggle and balance.  He currently has used a +3 Skill Tome in Disable Device and Open Lock and a +2 Skill Tome in Spot.  He currently has primarily +15 skill items, but they all aren’t equipped in the below screen shots.  I dumped points into haggle, diplomacy, and tumble to help with gathering platinum, for at least one conversation based skill and to help escape during particularly nasty situations.  However, haggle and tumble could probably be redistributed to other skills, such as balance.  When I get a chance I will probably redistribute those skills but at the moment he performs well so I’m good with them for now.

 photo Sludgge2_zps03e636af.jpg
Sludgge’s skills, part 1.

 photo Sludgge3_zps76b167ee.jpg
Sludgge’s skills, part 2.

 photo Sludgge4_zpsd05a905e.jpg
Sludgge’s skills part 3.

For feats, I selected those from the two weapon fighting line and weapons finesse because I wanted to dual wield with Sludgge.  I had originally planned on working with him wielding swords and rapiers and I wanted to keep that theme.  I also took oversized two weapon fighting because I do have some longswords that was I toiling around with as well.  For those rogue based feats I selected crippling strike, opportunist, improved evasion and skill mastery.

 photo Sludgge5_zps37c25075.jpg

 photo Sludgge6_zps4a4579e6.jpg

 photo Sludgge7_zpsdeda0e97.jpg

 photo Sludgge8_zps479102e7.jpg
Sludgge’s set of feats.

In enhancement lines, I took spent the majority of my points in the Mechanic tree.  I took Thunderstone, Ooze Flask, and Time Bomb and all of the core abilities.  I also took the construct based enhancements (mechanics, wrack construct, and disable construct).  I wanted to keep up with the theme of Sludgge being able to use his intimate knowledge of constructs to wreak havoc upon them.  I then put points into the Assassin tree to get Shiv, Venom blades, and Bleed Them Out to help with some offensive damage abilities.  I then spent some points into the Warforged tree to boost up my constitution and get some additional hit points.

 photo Sludgge9_zps5b17fbc4.jpg
Sludgge’s selection of enhancements.

Overall, I really do like this set up.  I didn’t spend many points into the ranged line in the Mechanic tree because I wanted to focus on the melee side of things.  As a result I was able to spend points in the Assassin tree.  The use of the “grenade” abilities I find very interesting.  The Thunderstone enhancement doesn’t seem to work as well as I would like but I do like the Tanglefoot ability as it seems to fit well my Assassin like abilities.  The use of Time Bomb has been interesting for me as well.  I generally try to use it when I’m surrounded by a bunch of enemies.  It isn’t as effective as I would like it to be when it does goes off it does do a good amount of damage to everything in its path.  However, it does take some time for it explode so getting its timing down is also something I’m still working on.  One thing that would make it more effective would be to increase my Intelligent score.  In either case, it does have a fun animation .

So Sludgge is an interesting character.  He is definitely a work in progress but I do enjoy toying around with him.  He definitely isn’t the strongest rogue out there but he can get the job done.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “A Look at My Mechanic Rogue-Sludgge

  1. My very first toon is an elven mechanic, although she started out as a thief acrobat. I love the way DDO allows customization so that even toons who take the same path can be completely different. I didn’t really invest in anything melee-ish for Vic; she uses a repeater almost exclusively. I can’t remember her starting stats (whatever the defaults are for thief acrobat – yes, she started as a path build), but once I got her up to level 9-ish and started making my own choices at the trainer, I focused on Int and maxing out her rogue skills.

    Like Sludgge, she likes Ooze Flask but finds Thunderstone a little underwhelming. Time Bomb, though – that’s just awesomely FUN! Unless you’re the training dummy on our ship… I don’t think he appreciates Vic blowing him up! 😀


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