Going to Miss Mabar the Festival of the Endless Night

Earlier in the week, Cordovan posted in a thread that was inquiring about Mabar the Festival of the Endless night that the Halloween special event that has occurred the last few years won’t be returning to the game.  Cordovan had mentioned that the underlying performance issues surrounding the Mabar Festival couldn’t be resolved.  So instead they will be holding the Crystal Cove during that time.  However, it was also noted that a new event was currently being developed and is planned to be released shortly after Update 24 next year.  The new event will contain the items from the Mabar Festival.

 photo TimetoprepareforEternity_zps32aca853.jpg
Erdrique working the lever in Mabar last year.

I know that a lot of people are happy that lag associated with Mabar won’t be returning.  If I remember correctly, the biggest performance issues occurred when the spectral dragon, Eternity, was spawned, which caused some crippling lag issues in other aspects of the game.  This is really unfortunate.  I really enjoyed running the Mabar event and always looked forward it.  The theme and atmosphere that was put into place in Delera’s Graveyard was just special and wandering through a graveyard with random spawns of undead just felt so much like a Halloween event.  I know that some people have asked for at least that part of the Mabar Festival to continue, the pumpkins and atmosphere being put out in Delera’s Graveyard.  Not sure if that can be done but it would be nice.

 photo HammytakinghisturninMabar_zps1c2b390e.jpg
Hamllin fighting in Delera’s Graveyard during Mabar the Endless Night last year.

I had a number of fun instances in Mabar over the past few years.  I have taken a number of different characters around Delera’s Graveyard to collect the random collectibles and ethereal keys to enter the summoning chamber.  Fighting the spectral dragon was always fun.  I just hope this new event will not only have the same rewards but will also allow us to use the same collectible pieces (vampire fangs, bones, spectral dragon scales, etc.) as well.  I’m wondering if they will convert the special event to be more like Crystal Cove, where you open up the instance and then can select a level range to enter a special quest and upon its completion you can get a spectral dragon scale as well as some experience and even some renown.

 photo ErdfightingtheSpectralDragon_zps45f5fdc3.jpg
Erdrique taking a shot at Eternity.

In any case, the realization that we won’t be celebrating Halloween with the Mabar Festival is saddening but understandable.  I just hope the next special event is just as much fun!!  Going to miss you Mabar, who knows maybe in some distant future you might be able to make return.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.


8 thoughts on “Going to Miss Mabar the Festival of the Endless Night

  1. As long as the bags of ingredients we’ve all collected will also work in Mabar’s successor, I don’t think many will miss it too badly once a more stable and active successor appears. Crystal Cove’s code became stable enough to add the challenges within the game, so I’m sure we’ll see something similar to that.


    • I was thinking the same type of thing. Hoping that the collectible pieces and keys will be usable in this new event. I was also thinking that it might work like the Cove and that we could gain experience from the activity as well as the items.


  2. There is nothing more frustrating than an entire evening of waiting to get into the dragon fight only to be held motionless by lag for the entire thing.


    Now that I think about I have more to say than a comment. Hmmm …


  3. I would play it even when I didn’t need the items. Maybe 10 minutes of lag in 4 hours… not really a big problem.

    Mabar was the best event in the game.


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