Fun Experiences Over the Weekend, September 12th to 14th

This past weekend was a full and fun one indeed!!  It started off with me taking Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer) out into the Searing Heights for my typical morning slayer run prior to heading to work on Friday morning.  After exploring the Searing Heights and its thunderous volcano for a little while, I logged out until I came back home from work.  That afternoon I was scheduled to take Erdrique (Level 18 Druid) through the next part of the Harbinger of Madness chain: Fear Factory.  Out of the first three quests in that chain, I think that Fear Factory is the easiest.  I had little difficulty making my way through the quest and had a fun time beating down all of the Taken, mind flayers, and tharaak hounds.  Friday night was a fun-filled set of runs.  I logged back on with Erdrique and was joined up with Khamelkazie and Bofadee and I opened up our party in the LFM panel and we headed off to do the quest Acid Wit on elite.  Acid Wit is a level 15 quest on normal, making it 17 on elite, and since we had a level 18 in the group I figured we wouldn’t get any takers from the PUG scene (because they would advance their bravery streak, but of course it wouldn’t break either).  However, my assumption was wrong and we picked up a level 18 ranger and a level 17 sorcerer and we headed into the Acid Scar Caverns.  It was a fun run, although I did suffer a brutal death from a comet fall from a shaman that I failed to trip.  We also had a stuck player issue when Bofadee got stuck in a spot between a rock and a wall and the was kicked from the game.  But he logged back in, got back into the quest, and the we completed the quest and its optional with little difficulty.

Moon over the volcano in Searing Heights photo MoonoverthevolcanooverSearingHeights_zps462da9af.jpg
Cantlin taking his time in the Searing Heights.

Erd and Fang in Fear Factory photo ErdandFanginFearFactory_zpsac16f429.jpg
Erd and Fang working in Fear Factory.

After the run through Acid Wit, Bofadee had to log out however Helllinna logged in and took his spot and then we headed out to the Vale of Twilight.  Since we had a nice size party, we decided to hit up Rainbow in the Dark.  We had a fun time in there and had little difficulty plowing through the quest.  Well, we were feeling a little good about ourselves and decided we needed to suffer a little bit of humility so we headed out to Running with the Devils.  However, prior to heading out there I had received enough experience to level up to 18 so I did that first and then we went into the Eladrin Stronghold, where he limped through a number of parts within the quest.  We did finish it but it was a much rougher run than the other two previous ones.  One our PUG members only need 800 experience before he was able to cap (he already had 19 banked) so we recalled out of Running with the Devils and then hunted out into the Vale until I stumbled upon Jukree, which gave him the necessary experience to hit the heroic cap.  After congratulating him on that achievement, we recalled and called it a night.

Erd and his party in Acid Wit photo ErdandhispartyinAcidWit_zps0d849b56.jpg
Erdrique and his party hunting in Acid Wit.

Erd leading Fang in the Vale of Twilight photo ErdleadingFangintheValeofTwilight_zps2293e17b.jpg
Erd taking a stroll through the Vale of Twilight.

Tackling a Dense Stone Earth Elemental photo TackilingaDenseStoneEarthElemental_zps93f5e99a.jpg
Tackling a dense earth elemental in Rainbow in the Dark.

Getting ready to fight in Running with the Devils photo GettingreadytofightininRunningwiththeDevils_zps7d8795cb.jpg
Preparing for Running with the Devils.

On Saturday, I was pretty lonely as the other Crypt Crawlers couldn’t log in.  However, I took that advantage to head out into the Orchard of the Macabre.  I had failed earlier at my attempt to run Flesh Maker’s Laboratory (died in the lightning room from just plain stupidity) and decided to knock it out.  My second go-round went much smoother and I was able to hit the runs with my hirelings (Owlbear, cleric, and Fang) and to take down Chain-lightning.  I then decided to try Inferno of the Damned on elite.  I had an interesting time in Inferno of the Damned where I did suffer a vicious death from one of the blade traps in the quest but overall it went fairly smoothly.  Even being level 18, in a level 16 quest, I still wracked up over 29,000 experience :).  After that run, I called it a night.

Nasty looking dar in the Orchard photo NastylookingdayintheOrchard_zps7055a95f.jpg
Nasty looking day out in the Orchard.

Looking for some relief in Flesh Maker's Laboratory photo LookingforreliefintheFleshMakersLaboratory_zps83a3ddf2.jpg
Looking for a reprieve in Flesh Maker’s Laboratory.

Fighting flamebound servants in Inferno of the Damned photo FightingflameboundservantsinInfernooftheDamned_zps06ab1c4c.jpg
Erdrique fighting the flamebound servants in Inferno of the Damned.

Sunday, I logged on with Containment (Level 5 Cleric) who was working on the rest of the Waterworks Arc.  So I took him out into the Waterworks and knocked out Venn’s half of the storyline (Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm and Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate).  Since Containment is one of my characters on my Premium account I could only enter on normal.  I did complete it and am now ready to knock it out on hard and then elite.  With that completion, I went ahead and logged out.

Containment dishing out some punishment photo ContainmentdishingoutsomepunishmentinWW_zps678029ab.jpg
Dishing out some punishment in Waterworks.

Containment annoyed at the oozes photo Containmentannoyedattheoozes_zpse9bd34a6.jpg
Containment getting annoyed at some oozes in Waterworks.

Poor Venn photo PoorVenn_zpsa81b321d.jpg
I believe Venn has seen some better days.

So the weekend was a fun one indeed.  I got in some PUG runs, leveled Erdrique to 18, and got to knock out some of the more interesting quests.  We’ll see what the rest of the week bring forth :).  Well, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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