A Look at the Quest Disciple of Shar

Earlier in the week, I took Erdrique (Level 18 Druid) through the quests of the Disciples of Shadow story arc.  This particular quest chain is located out in Eveningstar and was the precursor to the Shadowfell Conspiracy Expansion pack.  The first quest of this three quest series is called the Disciples of Shar.  The quest giver is Abella Toth who is located relatively close to the Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar.  The premise of the quest is to track down a Shar worshipper named Dedryk Black.  Dedryk Black has gathered a bunch of these worshippers which has worried the authorities of Cormyr who are afraid that these worshippers are plotting something.  So your goal is to find and capture Dedryk Black so that he can be interrogated.

Evidently these Shar worshippers have made base at the edges of the Stormhorn Mountains.  The quest begins at the base of these beautiful mountains and the original landscaping is quite beautiful.  You will travel up a path and encounter a number of wild wolves in the winding path.  You will also encounter a few of the Shar worshippers down the path until you get to the cave entrance.

Beautiful scene scape in the Disciples of Shar photo BeautifulscenscapeintheDisciplesofShar_zps790e709c.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the foothills of the Stormhorn Mountains to find Dedryk Black.

Erd making his way through the Foothills photo ErdmakinghiswaythroughtheFoothills_zps9c95ff7a.jpg
Erdrique fighting through the wild wolves at the base of the Stormhorns.

Once inside the cave entrance, you will encounter mostly Shar worshippers (archers and melee), Shar disciples (or clerics), some mephits, and some more wolves.  The objective at this point is to defeat and capture a number of the Shar disciples.  Once you defeat a Shar disciple you need to talk to him and he is chained up and this allows you to continue forward in the quest.  There are a number of levers and gates to throw and pass through.  You continue to make your way deeper into the cave to capture more Shar disciples until you finally get to the end of the cavern and meet up with Dedryk Black.  You will have a fierce battle with him and once you capture him you will have to face off against a very large and powerful owlbear.

Fighting our way to Dredyk photo FightingourwaytoDedryk_zpsb94935af.jpg
Fighting our way to Dedryk Black.

The quest map is linear overall.  It does have a number of side paths to go down, where you will have to go down and throw levers to progress further down into the cavern.  This quest does have a number of annoying bear traps, so beware of those as well.


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