Mailbox or Birdhouse?

Now I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Eveningstar but I have ventured back and forth across the small village and have a few alts that are running out in the High Road, The King’s Forest, the Druid’s Deep quests, and the Disciples of Shadow quests.  One of my characters that is spending some time out there is Larrs (Level 20 Bard).

Now there is no doubt that the village of Eveningstar is vastly different than the port town of Stormreach.  Eveningstar has a much more “middle age” feeling and look to it while Stormreach has more a “Roman ruins” feel to it.  In either case, one of the things I found interesting with Larrs the other day was the mailbox in Eveningstar.  I was quite surprised when I ran up to it to find birds fluttering back and forth from it.  I was even more surprised to see the mailbox doubling as a birdhouse.

The mailbox has become a bird house photo Themailboxhasbecomeabirdhouse_zps8e605a23.jpg
Larrs enjoying the fact that the mailbox in Eveningstar also appears to be a birdhouse.

I guess the birds are perhaps like carrier pigeons?  LOL, not sure but this is another one of those little things that keeps me hooked in DDO .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Mailbox or Birdhouse?

    • That changed in U22 when they introduced the talking parrot cosmetic pets. Up to then its always been pigeon.

      Off course the mailbox in a middle age setting would have to be a carrier pigeon locker. How else would one send mail! But its remarkeable they keep sitting there for 3 weeks until you collect your mail 🙂


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