A Look Back at Erdrique’s Druid’s Life

Over the weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique who was working on a druid life.  This particular iteration for Erdrique was extremely enjoyable.  I have to admit, I was quite worried about this particular life because I never played a druid up until now.  However, from the time Erdrique was able to shape change to a wolf until the time he was able to cast Earthquake, I had a blast playing him as a druid.  Since I tend to favor the melee side of things, I primarily leveled him through the Nature’s Warrior Enhancement line.  I found a number of its abilities in combination with a number of druid spells extremely effective and just plain to use.

I really found the enhancements Alpha Strike, Essense of the Strike, Fatal Harrier, and Hide of the Crocodile probably the most beneficial enhancements for me.  I would use Alpha Strike primarily when battling more than one enemy to spread the damage from my melee attack (just like a cleave).  Essense of the Strike allowed me to use the addition of temporary spell points from critical hits to perform more wolf based attacks.  Fatal Harrier was also useful to speed my combat speed while the Hide of the Crocodile I used primarily to help when I got in over my head (in actuality I probably should have used this some more).

Erdrique stalking in the Servants of the Overlord photo ErdriquestalkingintheServantsoftheOverlord_zpsfc575f44.jpg
Erdrique’s druid life was a blast!!

In terms of spells, I tended to use Creeping Cold, Greater Creeping Cold, Salt Ray, Firewall, Earthquake, and the various healing spells quite a bit.  I also tended to use the wolf/winter wolf attacks of Takedown, Frostbite, and Snowslide quite a bit.  I really enjoyed using Salt Ray at lower levels, stunning just about everything I hit with it, I just found it quite effective.  Creeping Cold and Greater Creeping Cold I found to be extremely effective dot spells and I’m not sure there is anything that is more effective at crowd control than Earthquake.  In fact I would have fun laying down an Earthquake and laying a Firewall or Storm of Vengeance on top of that .  And using the winter wolf attack Snowslide was just fun, especially when I used it in a group of enemies to see them frozen as enemy ice statues.  That was just fun .

Erd using snowslide to freeze a few spiders photo Erdusingsnowslidetofreezeafewspiders_zps256ca193.jpg
Erdrique using Snowslide on these spiders in Servants of the Overlord.

I also found that my wolf companion, Fang, was quite more effective than what most people find.  I know many people complain about their companion but, overall, I thought Fang held up quite well.  Don’t get me wrong, he did die more than I would have liked, but I didn’t really consider him to be a liability at all.  I really enjoyed using him and then using Nature’s Ally to bring forth another minion.  There were a couple of times where my little pack would clear a group of enemies by having them all tripped an sitting on their rumps while we took them down.  Good times indeed!!

Overall, I’m going to miss my druid life.  It was a blast running around as a wolf/winter wolf and my questing in this class was quite fun.  However, Erdrique is now ready for his next life.  It is time to bring on the monk .


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