Interesting Questing this Week, October 27th to October 30th

This week I had a number of interesting quest runs.  My questing started with the typical Monday morning slayer run with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel) who is currently working through the High Road Wildnerness area.  Later that afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) out into the Red Fens to continue that story arc.  He took on the quest, Fathom the Depths on elite and some fun toying around the sahaugin.  During Monday night, I logged on with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) and figured out that charm monster can work pretty well in Acute Delirium on Hard.

Wapoyei fighting in wood woad photo Wapoyeifightingthewoodwoad_zpsf2b05aa7.jpg
Wapoyei fighting the wood woad in the High Road.

Larrs attacking the taken in the Sleeping Spell Inn photo LarrsattackingthetakenintheSleepingSpellInn_zpsfd62d903.jpg
Larrs causing all kinds of disarray in Acute Delirium.

Hamllin noticing the hurge tree in the Red Fens photo HamllinnoticingthehugetreeintheRedFens_zps1a390991.jpg
Hamllin looking at the large red tree in the Red Fens.

Hamllin preparing to battle Slomnuc photo HamllinpreparingtobattleSlomnuc_zps6b560fdb.jpg
Hamllin taking on Slomnuc in Fathoms of the Depths.

Monday was followed up with a morning slayer run through the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer).  Sludgge is slowly, and I mean slowly, making his way through this area.  I have three level 20 or higher characters working through that version of Gianthold at the moment, primarily to keep testing out there abilities because I don’t play them consistently, although I do play them regularly.  I didn’t log back into the game until Tuesday night (skipped my “midday session”) when I brought on Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) and tackled some slayers in Tangleroot Gorge, after which I headed to Three Barrel Cove.  I then knocked out the Troglodyte’s Get and Old Grey Garl on elite.  Then I went off to run the Cannith Challenge, Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door and completed that at level 10 after I knocked down the succubus mistress.

Sludgge has been doomed photo Sludggehasbeendoomed_zps18ea6f77.jpg
Sludgge explores the Ruins of Gianthold.

Harrgon challenges the hobgoblins photo Harrgonchallengesthehobgoblins_zpsa35e76f4.jpg
Harrgon taking on the forces of the hobgoblins in Tangleroot Gorge.

Nice view of the Bell Tower in Three Barrel Cove photo NiceviewoftheBellTowerintheCove_zpsc2f68546.jpg
Harrgon checking out the sights in Three Barrel Cove.

Fun with gargoyles photo Funwithgargoyles_zps3169187d.jpg
Harrgon having some fun with some gargoyles.

 photo Fightingofftheblackbones_zps821383db.jpg
Harrgon fighting the blackbones in Old Grey Garl.

Dr Rushmore's Mansion is just huge photo DrRushmoresMansionisverylarge_zps6ed75021.jpg
Harrgon looking for a boss in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

Wednesday’s questing started with Erdrique (Level 6 Monk) who I took into Tangleroot Gorge for some morning slayer runs.  Later that afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin and continued into the Red Fens and completed the quest the Claw of Vulkoor.  That was the extent of the questing on Wednesday though as I spent the rest of the night with my beautiful wife for our weekly date night :).

Erd taking his turn in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdtakinghisturninTangleroot_zps2dee22db.jpg
Erdrique fighting his way through the Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin preparing to take on Kar Xyr photo HamllinpreparingtotakeonKayXyr_zps4d55d1e6.jpg
Hamllin getting ready to challenge Kar Xyr in the Red Fens.

Warlock Sobrien is having a bad day photo WarlockSobrienishavingabadday_zpsc44a1291.jpg
Hamllin helping out the Raveneye in the Claw of Vulkoor.

Thursday morning I was scheduled to do my morning slayer run with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I always enjoy those runs because Kolll is currently working his way through the King’s Forest which is just a great and vast landscape area.  Thursday afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique and continued with some slayers out in Tangleroot Gorge.  I then moved off to the Necropolis to start Necro I chain and start with the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.  I didn’t have much problem knocking it out on elite and actually found all of the hidden runes without without having to double back, which was nice.  Later that night, I logged on with Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) and took him through the rest of the Sharn Syndicate series on normal.  Since Suppply is a character from my premium account, I could only open the series on normal until I complete it at least once.  So I got little experience out of it but now he can open the series on hard.  I then got a free challenge token and took him into Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  Unfortunately, he moves pretty slowly right now, and I just missed completing the quest as I didn’t make it through the hallways fast enough, not to mention I was having a difficult time getting crests to drop for me from the breakables and enemies.

Kolll hunting the drow forces photo Kolllhuntingdownthedrowforces_zps6616a762.jpg
Kolll hunting down the drow forces in the King’s Forest.

Erd continues his slayers in Tangleroot Gorge photo ErdcontinueshisslayersinTangleroot_zpsfcec3cbd.jpg
Erdrique doing some slayers and hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Time to start the Necropolis photo TimetostarttheNecroopolis_zps7211b067.jpg
Erdrique fights his way through the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.

Dealing with the money launderers photo Dealingwiththemoneylaunderers_zpsc6c7741a.jpg
Suppply taking care of the launderers.

Rescuing the Binder Family photo RescuingtheBinderfamily_zps86d5e01d.jpg
Suppply working to free the Binder family in Bookbinder Rescue.

Sneaking into the bank photo Sneakingintothebank_zpsfce351c7.jpg
Suppply in the bank after hours in the Stormreaver Fresco.

Nice mansion Zircon has photo NicemansionZirconhas_zps86e44686.jpg
Suppply preparing to payback Zircon in Repossession.

Fighting in the Tenaments photo FightingintheTenaments_zpsa6cba656.jpg
Suppply looking to finally take care of the Syndicate.

Interesting painting in the Mansion photo InterestingpaintingintheMansion_zpsc3884a18.jpg
Suppply checking out the art in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

So the quest runs for the week of Halloween were definitely fun and interesting, especially the runs through Acute Delirium and Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion:Behind the Door.  I’m hoping the weekend will be the same!!  I hope everybody has a happy and safe Halloween!!  Thank you for reading and happy hunting!!

Taking a Look at the Quest The Claw of Vulkoor (Heroic)

The Claw of Vulkoor is part of the Red Fens chain.   All of these quests are level 9 on heroic, making then level 11 on elite.  I recently took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) through this interesting quest.  The quest giver for The Claw of the Vulkoor is a Raveneye Drow named Croaker, who is located at the refugee camp at the entrance to the Red Fens.  When you speak to Croaker, he informs you that the Raveneye need your help to retrieve a sacred relic of the scorpion god, Vulkoor.  Evidently, Vulkoor will bestow this relic to those in need but in order to retrieve the relic you have to pass Vulkoor’s trial.  Evidently, Vulkoor has sent the Claw down inside the territory of a powerful fire giant clan, known as the Sulat League, and it is expected that they won’t allow any drow into their territory.  The Raveneye are hoping we can solve that dilemma (to negotiatie passage).

Well, as soon as you enter the quest, the drow party and your own adventuring party are quickly met by a named fire giant named Sobrien and he doesn’t take too kindly to the drow in the fire giant territory and doesn’t believe anything that is said about their mission.  Instead, he transforms all of the drow into small scorpions and then unleashes his fury on your party.
Warlock Sobrien is having a bad day photo WarlockSobrienishavingabadday_zpsc44a1291.jpg
Hamllin watching the interplay between the drow and the warlock.

Curiously, although you are sent in to negotiate, you never really get a chance to conduct a conversation.  Instead, you are quickly thrown into battle and must take out the warlock straight away.  After the battle you need to gather the transformed drow warriors and priestess, as well as her staff, and start to make your way through the mountain in order to find the Claw of Vulkoor.

No matter how many times I enter into the Claw of Vulkoor I inevitably get turned around at least once.  The “main” area is a multitiered level that makes the map difficult to use at times.  Now the layout is full of twisting and winding paths and tunnels.  There are a few secret doors, in fact there is one right after the battle with the warlock in the beginning, that help to make moving through the tunnels and bridges a little easier (however, I believe this is what gets me turned around more than anything else because I can’t figure out the areas I was meant to bypass).  There are also a few powerful and deadly fire traps to be aware of as well, with one right after the secret door in the beginning and one near the end of the quest.

The quest is primarily composed of two types of monsters: fire giants and scorpions.  The scorpions are naturally drawn to the Claw of Vulkoor and one of the optionals is to pacify the scorpion guardians and to avoid being detected.  This is a great quest to test your stealth skills.  However, I typically plow my way through the quest.  Besides the guardians, you will have nest scorpions who heal themselves and others around them, roaming scorpions who are looking for any enemies, and then then ambushers waiting patiently to take any group by surprise.  If you manage to get a number of nest scorpions together you will be in for a tough fight because they will heal each other quite rapidly.  However, if you keep the number of scorpions, especially nest scorpions reasonable, the fights are relatively easy to move through, accept for continuously being poisoned.

Just before you reach the end of the quest, you will have the opportunity to pass through an ancient giant burial ground.  You have an optional to leave the loot the alone or to rob the graveyard.  If you decide to rob the graveyard you will be attacked by a named giant skeleton, Prince Gornard.   To finish the quest you need to find the secret door in this same burial chamber which will lead to the final passage to the Claw of Vulkoor.

Overall, the quest is heavily laden with scorpions.  If you want to pad your monster manual count for scorpions, this is a good quest to do.  The quest can get a little annoying in the area with multiple tiers but overall it is a relative quick quest.  You also need to be cautious of those powerful flame jets as they are quite destructive.  Check it out once you get a chance!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!

Enemy Profile-Troglodyte Warlock (Troglodyte’s Get)

The Troglodyte’s Get is part of the Old Grey Garl mini-story arc.  As you can imagine by the name, it is primarily composed of your friendly troglodyte tribe.  I took Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) in here on elite as he still needed to knock out a few of the quests in Three Barrel Cove.  There are four different classes of troglodytes that you will encounter in this quest: plain old troglodyte fighters, troglodyte chieftains (one is an optional named), troglodyte shamans, and troglodyte warlocks.  Of these troglodytes, the most dangerous are the shamans and the warlocks.
Troglodyte Gets Warlocks photo TroglodytesGetsWarlocks_zpscdd523b3.jpg
Harrgon in the midst of battle with a troglodyte warlock.

In this particular quest, the troglodyte warlocks are frequently grouped with their fellow casters, the shamans.  The different types of casters can be a lethal combination in The Troglodyte’s Get, especially on elite, if you aren’t prepared.  The warlocks tend to throw out three primary spells, at least from what I can tell in this latest run, including fireball, hold person, and bane.  They will repeatedly try to land a hold person on your character and then will back them up with some powerful fireballs.  If you do get held, this becomes problematic as the shamans will tend to cast scorching ray.

The majority of the warlocks tend to have around 215 to 245 spell points.  Besides being grouped quite often with the shamans, they are also positioned in some hard to reach locations, primarily only reachable with the use of range spells or ranged weapons.  Keep this in mind because there is a suspension bridge that is guarded by a warlock and as soon as you start to cross the bridge he will immediately start casting on you.

The best defense against these guys is to have something that helps to prevent being held, high will saves, and good fire protection.  If you see one of the them don’t hesitated to take it down quickly, but also be aware of their shaman counterparts.  You don’t want to be taken by surprise by either type of troglodyte, unless you want your questing to end badly .

Harrgon had no issues with these baddies because he was immune to be being held and I had good fire protection from my guild’s ship buffs.  But other characters have had some challenging issues with these guys.  In those cases I tended to range them as much as possible and being out of range of their spells and in those cases where that wasn’t case I took them down first to avoid being held.

In either case, if you plan on running the Troglodyte’s Get be pre

An Interesting Time in Acute Delirium

Sometimes when I’m running a difficult quest I will have one of those “ah hah” moments and last night running Acute Delirium I actually experienced this.  Now Monday nights I usually play in my digital PNP group, where we get together via Skype and use a third party program called Maptool to play a table top version of D&D.  However, I also am always logged into DDO at the same time, usually doing some questing during the downtime that is common in D&D.  However, with that said my attention is usually divided, which can sometimes be problematic on Mondays.  So this “ah hah” moment was even more unique for me.

Well, last night I was scheduled to play my Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger, Larrs.  Larrs still needs a large number of heroic quests, I don’t even think he has gained 1,750 favor yet.  So I wanted to start one of the heroic quest strings but I wanted to get a little more than just some favor, so I had planned on running the quests in the Reign of Madness quest arc.  The first quest in this particular chain is considered to be one of the more difficult quests, Acute Delirium.   All of the quests in the Reign of Madness story arc are level17 on normal.  Because I knew of the issues with Acute Delirium and because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give the quest my complete attention, I decided to head into the quest on hard.

Now the quest is located in Sleeping Spell Inn in the Tower of the Twelve enclave.  This the same quest entrance for the quest Delirium, although the quest giver for Acute Delirium is Rorry Malcanus, who is located in the open air tavern just across from the Inn.  Now one of the more frustration aspects of this particular quest is the building of an airship with the Inn’s beds and bookcases.  The reason why you need an airship is to chase a super large beholder into Xoriat who has swallowed a mimic that contains Belashyrra’s staff, which is what Rorry lost to begin with.  The beds and bookcases are enchanted and will travel from their current locations all way across the Inn where they get assembled together.  However, they will get attacked as they are making their path to the other side of the Inn and it protecting them that gets to be an issue.  This is primarily because you have to deal with flesh renders, ice beholders, and evil eyes and they continuously spawn.

 photo LarrsattackingthetakenintheSleepingSpellInn_zpsfd62d903.jpg
Larrs starting the quest, Acute Delirium.

Well after about 15 to 20 minutes of divided attention, I was only able to get two beds to end of the Inn.  I had summoned with me a cleric hireling, my onyx panther, and my level 17 owlbear.  I didn’t have any problems taking the mobs out but they didn’t have any problem beating up on the furniture either.  Well, just as I was starting to send another bed down the path, I finally noticed something on my spells in hotbars, and of course this happened just after I finished a turn in my digital PNP game so I was actually to put forth more attention to the quest in DDO.  I had charm monsters and mass charm monster loaded.  Dang, wouldn’t it be easier if I had some of these mobs charmed so that they fight each other and so that the respawns stop?  Shortly later, I had a group of flesh renders and evil eyes under by charms and even a few frost beholders.

 photo Charmingthemmonsters_zps130e26af.jpg
Larrs using the charmed monsters to his advantage.

The ability to charm these baddies made this part of the quest a ton easier.  I was able to start off a bunch of the beds and get them to the end of the inn with little difficulty.  The bookcases went even more smoothly.  Why I didn’t think of this when I first entered I have no idea.  But in short order I had the makeshift airship built and was heading after the primary beholder.  I had never really thought about charming these monsters before, relying more on brute strength to protect the beds and bookcases.  I guess that is just more my style.  In any case, using the charm spells helped immensely and save me quite a bit of time during this part of the quest.

The second half of the quest, the charms didn’t help nearly as much, but defeating the beholder line wasn’t that hard and then finishing the quest was relatively symbol.  In any case, it was an interesting experience and now I’m wondering what kind of success I can have on elite.  Maybe I will try it again the next time I’m scheduled to play with Larrs.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!

It Was A Cove Style Weekend, Quest Runs October 24th to October 26th

Well, this past weekend I surprised myself.  I didn’t plan on running a whole lot in the Crystal Cove, although I did plan on running some out there because it is a special event that doesn’t come along all that often, but I wound up running it much more than I thought.  Then again, dropping the number of map piece turn-ins to 500 help to make that happen.  In any case I ran the Crystal Cove five times over the weekend.  However, my weekend runs didn’t actually start inside the Crystal Cove.

My weekend runs started with my typical morning slayer runs on Friday.  I brought on a character on my premium account, Suppply (Level 8 Paladin), and took him out into Three Barrel Cove to continue on his march of dominance of the local pirates.  That afternoon, I brought on Erdrique (Level 6 Monk) and completed the Sharn Syndicate series by finishing the quest Come Out and Slay.  I then took Erdrique out into Irestone Inlet and took on Yar-yar and his crew.  I then took Erdrique back into the Waterworks Slayer area and finished that zone.  On Friday night, I started out in the Smuggler’s Rest and then did a few runs in the Crystal Cove.  I had some help from Luchog and from Leefist as we ran around collecting map pieces and doubloons.  I then took Erdrique out into Tangleroot Gorge and started the Assault on Splinterskull chain.  I completed the first two quests in the chain: First Strike and the Hobgoblin’s Captives.  I then headed to the Marketplace and took on the quest Red Fang. I then completed one more run in the Crystal Cove before I called it a night.

Taking on the Sharn Syndicate in the Tenements photo TakingontheSharnSyndicateinTheTenements_zpscadfafad.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Tenemenats.

Yar Yars ship in Irestone Inlet photo YarYarsshipinIrestoneInlet_zpsd6396afc.jpg
Erdrique running to take care of Yar-yar’s ship in Irestone Inlet.

Taking on Yiley in Waterworks photo TakingonYileyinWaterworks_zps06ede703.jpg
Erdrique taking care of Shaman Yiley.

Surrounded by enemies in Smuggler's Rest photo SurroundedbyenemiesinSmugglersRest_zps669d3614.jpg
Surrounded by pirates, now need to take care of business in Smuggler’s Rest.

Taking on the Red Raven Crew in Crystal Cove photo TakingontheRedRavencrewinCrystalCove_zps737c51d5.jpg
Erdrique battling the crew of Red Raven.

Looking for enemies in Tangleroot photo LookingforenemiesinTangleroot_zps7aac12c3.jpg
Erdrique looking for enemies in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hunting down some hobgoblins photo Huntingdownsomehobgoblins_zps53702359.jpg
Erdrique making a statement in Splinterskull.

Looking for Red Fang photo LookingforRedFang_zps8096ec82.jpg
Erdrique hunting down Red Fang the Unruled.

On Saturday, I did some slayers in the Tangleroot Gorge slayer area and then I did a run through the Crystal Cove.  Later that night, I took Erdrique into the Cerulean Hills and completed the quest The Captives.  I then made my way back to the Marketplace and into the Steam Tunnels to do the quest The Sacred Helm.  I then took Erdrique into one of the Cannith Challenges and ran the challenge: Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I then took him back out to Smuggler’s Rest for another run in the Crystal Cove and then ended the night with some slayer runs in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd leading some kobolds to Crystals photo Erdleadingsomekoboldstocrystals_zps168ffe00.jpg
Erd finding some nice crystals in the Cove.

Erd scouting out the orcs photo Erdscoutingouttheorcs_zpsf0e62966.jpg
Time to scout out the orc troops in The Captives.

Erdrique twisting his way to the helmet photo Erdriquetwistinghiswaytothehelmet_zps7fb814c7.jpg
Erdrique twisting his way to the Sacred Helm.

Erd battling the mother of the nest photo Erdbattlingthemotherofthenest_zpsb0cd45c9.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Mother of the Nest in Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

Erd hunting pirates in the Smuggler's Rest photo ErdhuntingpiratesintheSmugglersRest_zpsb39c7177.jpg
Erdrique battling various pirates out in Smuggler’s Rest.

Erd continuing to direct the traffic in the cove photo ErdcontinuingtodirecttrafficintheCove_zps554df99b.jpg
Erdrique directing some traffic in the Cove.

More hunting in Tangleroot photo MorehuntinginTangleroot_zps16c64cf6.jpg
Erdrique doing some more hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Sunday was a relatively light gaming session.  I was scheduled to log in with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger), another one of my premium account characters.  The first thing I wanted to do was to do some quick slayer runs with him in Tangleroot Gorge.  I entered the explorer area and I was later joined by Xahtep, a reader of my blog .  We blasted through the explorer zone twice and Crawlller wound up reaching over 750 slayers and he received enough experience to hit level 6.  Xahtep then had to log but I just wanted to pass along that I enjoyed his help!!  After the turns through Tangleroot, I took Crawlller out into the Cerulean Hills and ran the quest Where There’s Smoke on Hard.  I then took Crawlller into House Cannith and got his daily challenge token and ran through the challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  By the time I finished the run, it was time to head off to bed.

 photo CrawlllerlookingforthewolvesinTangleroot_zps9299a1fb.jpg
Crawlller looking for some wild wolves in Tangleroot.

 photo CrawlllerfightingtheOrcsinNashsfarm_zps243bd07a.jpg
Crawlller trying to save the Nash farm.

 photo CombatingtheMisstress_zps4072d273.jpg
Crawlller taking care of Dr. Rushmore’s girlfriend…

So, the weekend runs were primarily lower level runs, with a decent about of Crystal Cove activity splayed throughout the weekend.  Not my most productive weekend but it was still a fun weekend .  I hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Looking at the Factions in Waterworks

Huh, what do you mean factions in Waterworks?  Isn’t it just entirely kobolds?  Well, not entirely.  I have already taken a look at the factions that are present in the Cerulean Hills, Tangleroot Gorge, Searing Heights, and the Red Fens.  So now I figured I would take a second to take a closer look at those groups of monsters and factions that are found within the Waterworks Slayer area, especially since Erdrique completed that area earlier in the week.

Ok, so what factions are currently present in the Waterworks.  Here is what we have:

1).  Stormreach Guard
2).  Kobold Clan Gnashtooth
3).  Kobold Clan Tunnelworm
4).  Ecru and other black widow spiders
5).  Dhulokk, troglodyte adept
6).  Wolves
7).  Gnarkill, the troll butcher
8).  Crumble, the rust monster
9).  Slimes

So altogether, we have at least nine different types of monsters and/or factions located in this area that is mostly known for its kobold infestation.  So how do all of these factions interact with each other?  Well some of these associations are quite simple, while some others are a little uncertain.

The Waterwork Adventure area is essentially divided into three sections.  The first section, the entrance area, has been secured by the Stormreach Guard and is safe to traverse through.  There a few guardsmen down there with the glorious duty of holding back any kobolds from leaving the sewers and creating havoc in the Harbor.  And you can tell that these guards just love their jobs…

Exploring the Waterworks photo ExploringtheWaterworks_zps54a77ab4.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Waterworks.

The other two “halves” of the waterworks are split between the kobold clans: Gnashtooth and Tunnelworm.  From what we can tell, the two kobold clans tend to “put up” with each other but won’t go out of their way to help each other out.  From out limited interactions within later on while running the Waterworks Quest chain, it appears that the Clann Tunnelworm kobolds are the more dangerous and vicious of the two groups.  We can tell that the kobold clans are “civil” with each other, as their appears to be a shaman emissary from each clan located in other territory in the wilderness area (Shaman Yiley located in the Gnasthooth area and Shaman Har-har located in the Tunnelworm territory).

Taking on Yiley in Waterworks photo TakingonYileyinWaterworks_zps06ede703.jpg
Erdrique finishing off Shaman Yiley.

Now the other factions are a little interesting to try to discern.  First off we have Dhulokk, the troglodyte adept.  Dhulokk is a clever and powerful beast, and my best thought on what he is doing here is to peddle his services as a mercenary to help protect Clan Gnashtooh.  Similarly, I’m thinking that Gnarkill, the troll butcher, was recruited by Clan Tunnelworm to keep others from invading their territory,  However, I think they were having issues with him and that was why he was sealed behind a intelligent based rune door.  I could be that Har-har and Bloodletter were working on some type of method to control him better or perhaps to learn how to gain the regenerative abilities of trolls.

Ecru and his spiders are also a little interesting.  I would like to believe that he is somehow linked to the spider Misery.  Misery is not only guarded by other black widow spiders but also by regular brown spiders as well.  With Ecru being a brown spider, but the other spiders being small black widow spiders, it seems feasible that somehow these different spiders species are uniting their broods to help kobolds…or to save them for fodder later :).  The thing with Ecru is that he can be found on either side of the waterworks, in either the Gnashtooth or Tunnelworm side.  However, he is spider, so being able to crawl from one location to another wouldn’t be difficult for him to do, even using the ceiling as mode of transportation.

Now what is the deal with Crumble?  I’m not sure what to make of him.  My best guess is that he was an experiment, probably of Har-har’s.  I’m not sure what he would have been experimenting with, unless he was trying to learn how to control rust monsters to do his bidding.  Having a metal eating abberation in your forces would definitely be helpful :).

That essentially just leaves the wolves and slimes.  It is plain to see that the wolves are purely the pets to the kobolds, who use them in scouting missions and as guardians.  The slimes were probably already in the Waterworks prior to the kobolds settling in.  I’m guess the kobolds have figured out a way to manipulate the mindless globs into willing guards and have learned how to pacify and/or avoid them.

While the Waterworks might seem like a relatively straight forward place, it does seem to have some interesting social dynamics between the various clans.  I’m a little surprised we don’t see an ogres in the area but the troll kind of makes up for that :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

Man Do Those Ballistae Hurt!!

Earlier in the week, I took Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) out into the quest Storm the Beaches.  It was my first real attempt to try Storm the Beaches on any epic difficulty since it was updated with the release of Update 22.  Since I didn’t really know what to expect, I entered on epic normal.  I was joined by another guildie, Khameltwo, who also hadn’t seen how the ballistae worked since Update 22.

Now, with that said, I knew that the ballistae packed a huge punch from reading other bloggers and forums posts.  However, I had no idea on how they actually functioned.  Prior to taken Sludgge into Storm the Beaches, I had tried very briefly with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) but he didn’t last long because I had somehow gathered the attention of one of the ballistae and was soon blasted to oblivion, at which point I had to logout, which is why Sludgge was my first real attempt on how to deal with them.

Sludgge and Khameltwo making their through Mistral Island photo SludggeandTwotoemakingtheirwaythroughMistralIsland_zps52dba8cf.jpg
Sludgge and Khameltwo dealing with the Blood Tide Pirates in Mistral Island, prior to encountering the ballistae.

Well, the one thing I can say about this particular experience was that patience was important, and a ballista does a boatload of damage!!  When Khamel and I got to our first ballista we took it down quickly and without any real issues.  We didn’t really pick up anything on how they actually worked.  It wasn’t until we hit a set of two ballistae where we started to learn how dangerous these things were.  We quickly found out that a ballista can spot you from quite a distance and that the missile it fires can reach you extremely quickly!!  However, we still didn’t really pick up on how long it takes the ballista to reload and fire again.  We definitely found out that they do reload and will fire multiple shots but how quickly this happened was still undetermined.  We eventually “bulled” through those two and then ran into the next set of three ballistae, where we finally learned how the loading and firing mechanism seemed to work.

It took me a while to learn that the archers actually man and load the ballista.  After a short period the ballista will raise into the arm and will “light.”  After a few more moments, the archer will fire the ballista.  For some reason, I was thinking that the ballista were auto targeting us on their own, I didn’t realize that they were actually being operated.  I also learned that as soon as you kill the operator, the ballista will power down, however, if there is another available archer, they will try to reman it.  So basically, if you can take down the archers (or other bad guys who can operate the ballista) then it will leave the ballista vulnerable to destruction.  I also learned that you can hide behind some areas to prevent the missile from hitting you.  However, you have to move fast, otherwise you will the ballista will turn you into goo :)!!

In the end, it took us quite a bit of time and deaths to figure it out.  I had to reenter the quest four times, but with that said we did finish it.  Knowing how the ballistae work, should help me in the future, we’ll see how some of my other epic level characters take to them.

Thanks for reading everybody and now get back in game and get some hunting done!!

A Nice Mixture of Runs, Questing October 20th to October 23rd

This week began with a morning slayer run with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) through the Vale of Twilight first thing on Monday morning.  I collected some opportunistic kills on some devils before I headed off to work.  That afternoon I brought on Erdrique (Level 5 Monk) and took on the first four quests of the Sharn Syndicate chain. I was able to complete the quests: Stand Your Ground, Dirty Laundry, and the Stormreaver Fresco.  I did attempt the Bookbinder Rescue but ran into some difficulties and didn’t get a chance to complete it.  Later that night, while also playing our digital table top game, I logged on with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel) and took him into the Tomb of the Wizard King.  Since I was by myself, under geared, and not giving the quest my full attention, I went on on epic normal.  I didn’t really have too many issues with the quest, except at one point I was a little frustrated with a graphics glitch where the floor had fallen away in one of the rooms but the graphics didn’t show the floor as being crumbled, instead is showed the floor as a solid entity.  I took me some time to figure that out but I eventually did.  After than run, I called it a night.

Garrrin taking down the Storms Eye photo GarrringtakingdowntheStormEye_zpsff859d6e.jpg
Garrrin working on delivering the Stormeye some chaos.

Erd doubting the threats photo Erddoubtingthethreats_zpsf68063f7.jpg
Erdrique looking forward to dealing with these thugs.

We'll see who is weak photo Wellseewhoisweak_zpsb47d5406.jpg
Erdrique is working on taking out the laundry.

Wondering about this warforged photo Wonderingaboutthiswarforged_zpscb69d6d7.jpg
Erdrique is wondering about this warforged.

Trying to help the Binder Family photo TryingtohelptheBinderfamily_zps4db12e54.jpg
Erdrique trying to help out the Binder family.

Dealing with the broken floor and firewalls photo Dealingwiththebrokenfloorandfirewalls_zpsb05142be.jpg
Wapoyei is dealing with broken floors and firewalls in the Wiz-King.

Tuesday, I was scheduled to bring on Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) for my morning slayer run.  Garrrin is still working on his heroic slayers of Gianthold and is slowly progressing through their.  In the afternoon, I brought on Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) and took him out into the quest, The Church and the Cult and had a fun time dealing with the original vampire in DDO.  I also wrote some more details about the quest at this post.  Later that night, I quickly brought on Erdrique and took him back into the Bookbinder Rescue and was able to complete it this time.  I then switched characters to Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) and completed some of his “maintenance quests” in the Harbor including Arachnophobia and Bringing the Light.  I then took him out to Smuggler’s Rest and ran an iteration of the Crystal Cove.  I called it a night after the run through the mines of Crystal Cove.

Time to fight the vampire photo Timetofightthevampire_zps65feea9b.jpg
Hamllin prepping to fight the vampire in the Church and the Cult.

Erd dealing with the Syndicate in the Binder home photo ErddealingwiththeSyndicateintheBinderhome_zpsed18032e.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the Sharn Syndicate in the Binder Home.

Berann working to destroy some gambling tables photo Berannworkingtodestroysomegamblingtables_zps4f42bb88.jpg
Berann working on destroying some gambling tables.

 photo Berannnoticingaverylargespider_zpsfab1362d.jpg
Berann noticing the huge spider at the back of the crypt.

What a party in the Cove photo WhatapartyintheCove_zps29fe66e2.jpg
Berann in the middle of the party in the Smuggler’s Rest.

Berann fighting Johansen Brigg in the Cove photo BerannfightingJohansenBriggintheCove_zps8ddd489d.jpg
Berann taking on a specter in the Crystal Cove.

Wednesday was a light day for me.  The only thing I was able to do was my morning slayer run with Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter) who is working on his Sorrowdusk Isle slayers, rares, and explorers.  The rest of the day was spent at work and then spending the night with my wife for our weekly date night .

Stoorage fighting the spider ambush in Sorrowdusk Isle photo StooragefightingthespiderambushinSorrowdusk_zps34bbba7b.jpg
Stoorage dealing with the spider ambush in the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.

Thursday was a more productive day.  I started the day with some slayer runs with Hamllin who was finally able to finish off Tangleroot Gorge.  I was aslo scheduled to take Hamllin into the Red Fens that afternoon as I took him into the quest, The Last Stand and beat pack the sahuagin horde.  After that quick run, I switch characters to Erdrique to try to make up for my lost runs on Wednesday.  I too Erdrique through Repossession and Kobold Assault with little difficulty.  That night I was scheduled to bring on Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer).  I logged him in noticed he still needed to run Storm the Beaches.  Khameltwo had also logged on and us two warforged decided to deal with these epic ballistae for the first time.  We entered on epic normal and were doing alright until we misjudged the timing on the firing of the ballistae.  We hard to recall and reenter the quest a number of times but we finally figured out how to deal with those potent weapons.  In the end, we finally managed to get past them and to complete the quest.

Hamllin finishes up Tangleroot photo HamllinfinishesupTangleroot_zps6303791c.jpg
Hamllin finally finishes up Tangleroot Gorge.

Hamllin starting his exploration of the Red Fens photo HamllinstartinghisexplorationoftheRedFens_zps26c1f1ad.jpg
Hamllin exploring the mysteries of the Red Fens.

Stop the Sahaugin photo StoptheSahauginraid_zps9214510a.jpg
Hamllin fighting back the horde of sahuagin.

Time to pay back Zircon photo TimetopaybackZIrcon_zpsab7e5309.jpg
Erdrique paying back Zircon for his treachery.

Having fun in Kobold Assault photo HavingfuninKoboldAssault_zps8bce8c8a.jpg
Erdrique having a good ol’ time in Kobold Assault.

Sludgge and Khameltwo making their through Mistral Island photo SludggeandTwotoemakingtheirwaythroughMistralIsland_zps52dba8cf.jpg
Sludgge and Khamel assaulting the Blood Tide Pirates on Mistral Island.

So that was is a quick rundown of the quests I completed this week.  I had an unusual number of runs with epic level characters which was refreshing.  Not too bad a week at all, but there was some frustration with the Bookbinder Resuce and with Storm the Beaches.  I hope everybody else had a fun and good week!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting everybody!!

The Bookbinder Frustration

With another life comes another iteration of running the Sharn Sydicate.  The Sharn Syndicate is an interesting quest pack that contains six different quests.  The fourth quest in the series is called The Bookbinder RescueErdrique (Level 5 Monk) is currently working on completing this chain and ran into some annoying issues with this particular quest.

Trying to help the Binder Family photo TryingtohelptheBinderfamily_zps4db12e54.jpg
Erdrique attempting to help the Binder family…key word on attempt.

The idea behind this particular quest is to rescue all of the family members without letting any of them getting killed.  The quest giver is Olistair Binder, who is standing outside of his house in the Marketplace looking for somebody to help him.  The Sharn Syndicate have taking his family and house hostage and are forcing him to find some way to pay the ransom.

This particular quest is unique, in that it actually has two quest entrances.  There are a few others with this mechanic, but not many.  You can enter the house through the upper level or you can enter the house through the front door on the lower level.  I have received mixed results from each method.  The house is two levels with a single large room making up the lower floor and the upper floor being composed of numerous rooms with and a hallway.  All the rooms on the second floor are shut, locked, and trapped.

Erd dealing with the Syndicate in the Binder home photo ErddealingwiththeSyndicateintheBinderhome_zpsed18032e.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the Sharn Syndicate in the Binder Home.

The primary difficulty with this quest is keeping the hostages alive.  The enemies on the lower floor and in the hallways do tend to focus on your character and any hirelings, which is good.  One thing to be cautious of though is when you enter the quest from the upper floor you can sometimes grad too much attention as soon as you exit that room of entry and go into the hall as the enemies from the lower level and from the hall will converge upon you.  I have found that entering the lower level makes this a little easier because you don’t tend to grab attention of all folks on the second floor hallway.  However, the real issue is entering the various rooms on the second floor and keeping the hostage alive.   As soon as you go to bash the door down, the hostage will gather a large amount of the enemy attention.  This can happen even if you hit the door by accident, which happened to me the first time I attempted the quest this life.  I had accidentally hit the door while dealing with some other enemies in the hall.  The quest failed shortly later when the hostage in that room was killed, I never even finished bashing the door down.

If you can disable the traps in front of each door upstairs, then the best thing to do is to plow through those doors before the traps can activate to drag up as much attention from the enemies as you can so that they don’t attack the hostage.  The traps can be turned off once you get into the room by through a lever.  I took me three attempts to get the quest completed, but I finally got it done.

The quest is extremely short but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating at times.  Make sure you protect those hostages when you enter each room and here the DM narration telling you that the hostage is fighting back.  Another difficult thing to do is to target and find the hostage when you do enter the room.  At least that has always caused me trouble.  So instead of trying to locate the hostage and just pile in there as start attacking and look for the hostage once the room is cleared.

In any case, out the six Sharn Syndicate quests, this one is probably one of the more annoying and difficult, at leas to me.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!

A Closer Look at the Quest, The Church and The Cult

Vampires are a common enemy to encounter in DDO from around level 5 or so when our characters start to enter the Necropolis.  However, there was a time in the game when the only enemy vampire in the game was located in the quest The Church and the Cult.  There were two other vampires in the game but they weren’t enemies but NPCs instead (Veil and Versigante).  I just recently took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) through The Church and the Cult and figured it would it be a fun quest to write about.
Hamllin taking on a Vol Cultist photo HamllintakingonaVolCultist_zps0a9798ba.jpgHamllin taking on the cultists of Vol.

The quest giver is Inquisitor Lightbringer in House Phiarlan.  Evidently it has come to the attention of the devout followers of the Silver Flame that a new church has been established in Stormreach that is supposedly related to the worship of Vol, offering the promises of eternal life.  However, there is no direct proof that the church as done any wrong doing so the Silver Flame are reluctant to move against them and have asked our characters to investigate the new church.  As a side note, this is quite a different tactic from our old friend Inquisitor Gnomen who simply has you destroy all of the followers of the Sovereign Host in Purge the Herectics.  The quest is located in House Phiarlan, not far from the quest giver.

The layout of the quest is relatively straightforward.  When you first enter the quest, you are in a large hall with pews and worshippers who shortly evacuate when you proceed further into the room.  After you defeat some initial enemies you will follow a path through a door that opens when you first entered the room.  You will then find a secret door and continue down into the lower reaches of the “church”.  The path leads you to a center chamber where you find a pedestal that contains the Book ov VOl.  The book tells you that to survive eternity you much pass the tests of cold and fire.

The Book of Vol radiates evil photo TheBookofVolradiatesevil_zps0b2560c5.jpg
Hamllin preparing to read the Book of Vol.

This central chamber has a door to the north, west, and east.  When you read the book the doors to the east and west open up.  You can go either way, the door to the west contains the challenges of fire while the door to the east contains the challenges of ice.  Once you get through these challenges the northern door can be opened (remember to through the levers in fire and ice rooms) and you will continue down the path until you eventually reach the last chamber to fight the true priest of Vol.

As you make your way through this quest, you will have deal with a multitude of traps.  The traps include impaling ground spikes that leap from the ground, force traps, and sonic traps.  While making your way down to the fire path you will encounter fire traps that are placed in some interesting areas.  Likewise, going down the ice path will lead you to some ice jet traps and some vicious spinning blade traps which can be problematic.

There are sonic traps too photo Therearesonictrapsaswell_zps0eb3160c.jpgHamllin made it past the sonic trap.

Look at the force traps photo Thereareforcetrapstoo_zps906628f2.jpg
Hamllin also noticed the force traps as well.

Hamllin looking at the traps in the ice room photo Hamllinlookingattrapsintheiceroom_zps574eaf57.jpg
Hamllin thinking the ice room here can be quite dangerous.

Hamllin gazing at the traps on the fireside photo Hamllingazingatthetrapsonthefireside_zpsc1f78c82.jpg
Hamllin thinking the best way not to get burnt.

The enemies you encounter in The Church and the Cult are primarily undead blackbone skeletons, fire and ice mephits, and various grades of Vol Cultists.  You will also encounter a few dread zombies, wraiths and specters, although not many, and a few winter wolves down the ice hallway.  What is interesting is that you don’t encounter any hell hounds down the fire hallway, I wonder why?  As you can imagine, you encounter fire mephits in the end room of the fire hallway and ice mephits in the final room in the ice hallway.  These mephits are difficult to take on because their various rooms are also laden with the traps I mentioned above and these traps are continual, they keep going off once they are triggered, making avoiding them but dealing the mephits difficult.  The blackbone skeletons include some warrior, ranger, and magic types but all of these are relatively easy to deal with and then tend to only appear when you break any coffins or sarcophagi.  Of the Vol cultists, the Priests of Vol and Necromancers of Vol are the most dangerous and should be taken out first.  The Acolytes and Apprentices are also quite annoying at times.

The end fight is with Adran ir’Karsmore, the original vampire in DDO.  He is a CR 17 enemy on elite and likes to transform into wolves quite frequently.  He will try to dominate your a will a number of times during the fight.  There was a time when Adran’s healing regeneration was extremely difficult to overcome and the Lay on Hands ability of Paladins was greatly sought after to take him down.  However, the use of crafted pure good items and other items makes this fight much more manageable.  Besides trying to dominate you, he will hit attempt to hit you with energy drain attacks and might even try a destruction or two.  So having a deathblock item and protection from evil will help to deal with these effects.

Time to fight the vampire photo Timetofightthevampire_zps65feea9b.jpg
Hamllin preparing to fight off against this powerful vampire.

Hamllin facing off against Ardran photo HamllinfacingoffagainsArdran_zps4e6d34ce.jpg
Hamllin facing off against Adran ir’Karsmore.

Besides being known for having the “first” vampire in DDO, the Church and the Cult is also known for the loot you can receive.  These items include the Silver Longbow, the Bloodplate, and the Cloak of Shadows.  All of which are pretty nice items at lower levels.

So that is a look at the Church and the Cult.  It is a fun and challenging quest and one I would recommend trying whenever you get a chance.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!