Starting Anew, Quests Sept 29 to Oct 2nd

Well this has been a week of starting over for me, at least with my main character, Erdrique (Level 1 Monk).  However prior to that, the week started out with a slayer run through Three Barrel Cove with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin) on Monday, September 29th prior to the release of Update 23: Mark of Death.  Later that afternoon, one I got home from work and finished downloading the update, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 11 Fighter) and did some slayers out in Tangleroot Gorge.  After a quick run out there, I then headed out to Sorrowdusk Isle and took on the next quest in the Cult of the Six story arc: The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple.  For those runs I was joined by Stickthis who hadn’t been on in awhile so it was nice to catch up with him .  Later on Monday night, while also playing with my digital PNP group, I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and I took on the Black Loch on epic normal.  I ran into some trouble with the zombie room, but besides that the quest caused me little difficult, even with my attention divided.  I then took a break to run the Cannith Challenge, Extraplanar Palace: Buying Time on Level 20.  I then headed over to Storm the Beaches on Epic Normal and was doing great until I was bombarded by a ballistae…which I didn’t know had actually targetted me.  Will have to try to get back in there for some revenge.  After my attempt at Storm the Beaches I called it a night (my digital PNP group had also just ended).

Three Barrel Cove and its Beauty photo ThreeBarrelCoveanditsBeauty_zps4dd7794f.jpg
Suppply admiring Three Barrel Cove and its beauty.

Hamllin hunting some vermin photo Hamllinhuntingsomevermin_zpsb48718f8.jpg
Hamllin dealing with the vermin.

Running to the Temple of the Six photo RunningtotheTempleoftheSix_zpsdb8b75fe.jpg
Hamllin making his way to the Temple of the Six.

Prepping to destroy some altars photo Preppingtodestroysomealtars_zps3ff866e1.jpg
Hamllin looking to cleanse the Temple.

Kolll fighting in the Black Loch photo KolllfightingintheBlackLoch_zps7f750d98.jpg
Kolll exploring the Black Loch.

Guiding the kobolds to riches photo Guidingthekoboldstoriches_zps2cf9c82f.jpg
Kolll protecting the kobolds.

Exploring Mistral Island photo ExploringMistralIsland_zps6af45a07.jpg
Kolll tryting to hit up Storm the Beaches.

On Tuesday, I started off with a slayer run with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel) into the High Road.  I collected some slayers out there and then headed off to work.  When I got home from work, I logged on with Erdrique and finished putting him through the Heroic True Reincarnation process and then took him through the Grotto.  I then logged out to take care of dinner and some errands.  That night, I logged back on with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin).  I was joined by Lochog, and we then proceeded to knock out Purge the Heretics, Caged Trolls, and Bargain of Blood on elite.  This cleared up the last of the level 6 quests Kanndar had and started to catch up on the level 7 quests he still needs.  After those runs, we called it a night.

Wapoyei fighting in the High Road photo WapoyeifightingintheHighRoad_zps1bc6986b.jpg
Wapoyei fighting in the High Road.

Erdrique exploring the Grotto as a monk photo ErdriqueexploringtheGrottoasaMonk_zps357dc3db.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Grotto.

Kanndar looking at the traps in Purge the Heretics photo KanndarlookingatthetrapsinPurgetheHeretics_zpscca604bc.jpg
Kanndar working through Purge the Heretics.

Kanndar scaling hte ladder in Caged Trolls photo KanndarscalingtheladdedinCagedTrolls_zps09e8e975.jpg
Kanndar climbing a ladder in Caged Trolls.

Kanndar and Lochog dealing with the Bargain Bazaar photo KanndarandLochogdealingwithBargainBazaar_zps2ca026a2.jpg
Kanndar and Lochog checking out the Bargain of Blood.

I logged on with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) first thing on Wednesday to take some of the slayers in the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  After collecting a few Stormeye kills, I logged out.  After work, I brought Hamllin on and took him back through Tangleroot Gorge (really working on finishing those slayers) and then back into Sorrowdusk Isle.  While in Sorrowdusk Isle I headed out to the next quest in the Cult of the Six chain: The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate.  After that run, I called it a night to spend the rest of the night with my wife for date night .

Sludgge hunting the Stormfist photo SludggehuntingtheStormfist_zpsac15dc85.jpg
Sludgge hunting some Stormeye.

Hamllin surveying the carnage in Sorrowdusk Isle photo HamllinsurveyingthecarnageinSorrowduskIsle_zpsc5374f97.jpg
Hamllin surveying the carnage in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Hamllin exploring the Sorrowdusk Temple photo HamllinexploringtheSorrowdusktemple_zpsfb104c48.jpg
Hamllin looknig for the Prelate.

I was originally scheduled to run some slayers with Erdrique on Thursday morning.  However, he couldn’t get out into the Korthos Wilderness zone yet, so instead I ran Heyton’s Rest and the Cannith Crystal prior to work.  When I got back home from work, I did some crafting with Erdrique and then I took him back to Korthos Village and completed the Storehouse Secret and The Collaborator before logging out to take care of dinner.  That night I brought Hamllin back on and took him into Tangleroot Gorge (and completed the rare encounters, sill need about 200 slayers), Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door, and The Sanctum: Quench the Flames (next to last of the Cult of the Six chain).  I then called it a night.

Erdrique taking on the enemies of Heyton's Crypt photo ErdriquetakingontheenemiesofHeytonsCrypt_zps321f428d.jpg
Erdrique looking around in Heyton’s Crypt.

Erd protecting the crystal photo Erdworkingatprotectingthecrystal_zpscd197445.jpg
Erdrique doing what he can to protect the Cannith Crystal.

Erd taking on Huul photo ErdtakingonHuul_zpsd2ca00ca.jpg
Erdrique fighting in the Storehouse Secret.

Looking for the Traitor photo Lookingforthetraitor_zps57c241b1.jpg
Looking for the traitor.

What a totem in Tangleroot photo WhatatoteminTangleroot_zpsf19e1fb1.jpg
Hamllin admiring the totem in Tangleroot Gorge.

Look to find what is behind the door photo Lookingtofindwhatsbehindthedoors_zps24b692cf.jpg
Hamllin running around Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

Making way through the Fane of the Six photo MakingwaythroughtheFaneoftheSix_zps6ecf1f9d.jpg
Hamllin looking for the summoning fires in the Temple of the Six.

This weekend I plan to take Erdrique through the rest of the Korthos Quest and to start taking the Harbor and Market by storm .  Overall, it was a good week.  I hope everybody else had a great week and a better weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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