What are in the sacks?

Erdrique (Level 2 Monk) had made his way through Korthos Island and is now making his mark in the Stormreach Harbor.  One of the quest storylines in the Stormreach Harbor includes the mini-story arc for Baudry Cartamon.  In two of the quests for this mini-story arc, you have to enter the warehouse and disrupt the shipping business of one of Baudry’s competitors, Hazadill (also keep in mind that Hazadill is also a crime lord).

Well, questing through Hazadill’s warehouse, you come across a number of other things just besides the standard shipping crates.  You notice that his warehouse is littered with other refuse from broken glowing shards to large bags.  It is these large bags that caught my eye while running through these quests recently.

 photo Whatsinthesebags_zpsb09135d0.jpg
Erdrique wondering what are in these sacks/bags?

In game, we don’t have the ability to search through these bags or sacks.  It makes me wonder what exactly can be in these things.  Now, later on in our questing career, we learn that Hazadill is quite a crime lord and has been dealing with ancient relics from the Restless Isles.  However, the possibilities of what are actually in these sacks are quite numerous.  These sacks could be filled with illicit drugs, exotic spell components (could you imagine a warehouse stuffed with bags of bull dung and bat guano?….eww…), grain and other food supplies, or various other types of contraband.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of these sacks are filled with a mixture of items.  Perhaps these sacks have a large enough of a legal substance to cover the scent, feel, or look of some more illicit material.  In any case, I’m sure what is ever in these sacks isn’t being used for any positive initiatives.  It does make me curious though, what other magical items is Hazadill shipping around?  Maybe we will be able to find out in the future!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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