Troglodytes Are Just Mean!!!

Over the past weekend, one of the quests I took Erdrique (Level 2 Monk) through was the Sunken Sewer.  The Sunken Sewer quest entrance is located across from the Steam Tunnels (home to the quest arc for Shan-to-Kor) in the Marketplace. The Sunken Sewer has become the home of a powerful Troglodyte named Hissahr.  Hissahr has gathered around him a little gang of kobolds and other troglodytes to cause some problems.

While making my way through the quest, I came upon a set of kobolds that are patrolling a hallway, right down from the shrine actually.  These kobolds have a sentry who will then ing a gong that alerts more kobolds to an attack.

The Gong in Sunken Sewer photo Thegong_zpsafb9cff7.jpg
The warning gong in the Sunken Sewer.

Now, I never really paid to much attention to this before but this time I noticed something different.  After the gong is rung, there is at least one alcove that has caged bars closing it off from the rest of the hallway that see the bars raise.  So essentially this alcove is basically a cage that contains more kobolds.

The Cage in Sunken Sewer photo Thecage_zpsfc840c61.jpgErdrique noticing the “cage” holding poor kobolds.

At the sight of this occurring, I realized that this vicious troglodyte was holding these poor kobolds as pure beasts.  I just felt compelled to take them out of their misery and to beat down the one responsible for this in humane treatment .

It just showed me how mean troglodytes really are.  Of course, these bars could have been put there by the kobolds themselves to keep out baddies…but I like to think of them as being used as an instrument of brutality.

LOL, thanks for reading everybody and I hope everybody has some fun hunting this week in DDO!!

3 thoughts on “Troglodytes Are Just Mean!!!

  1. The only race that aren’t bigger butt-monkeys to other races than the kobolds are the wildmen found the Haven. The Path of Inspiration has enslaved them, and the legions of Shavarath tried to weaponize them as biologic payloads to be sent to Eberron in “Genesis Point.” You’ve inspired me to make a blog post about such behavior.


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