How Am I Logged on?

This weekend a rather strange thing happened to me.  I logged on Saturday night with Erdrique and then I made my way to House Kundarak and the crafting hall.  While I was transitioning from House Kundarak to the crafting hall instance I was booted from the game.  I then tried to relog back in I ran into a situation where the game kept saying it was trying to “cleanup old connections…”.  It was similar to what was occurring in this forum post.  So I decided to log into my other account and logged in with Stoorage and noticed this:

 photo Issueswiththegame_zpsa8439638.jpgTaking a look at the guild roster and it shows Erdrique as being logged in.

In the guild roster tab, it shows Erdrique as being logged in and being in the Crafting Hall.  Well since I wasn’t dual boxing I found this quite interesting.  There was no way Erdrique was logged on even though the game thought I was logged in.  After cleaning up some maintenance stuff with Stoorage I logged out and then brought Erdrique back on.  I didn’t have any problems this time and continued to make my way through the Catacombs when all of sudden, in the middle of the Crypt of the Gerard Dryden, I hit one of the most awful lag spikes I have encountered.  I was literally still for about 10 minutes or so.  Eventually the game finally caught up and I was amazed that I was still alive and that I didn’t those connection.  I didn’t run into any other issues until I got to Endgame: Marguerite.  At that point I got suck on a load screen for another 10 minutes or so and decided to call it a night.

I then scanned the forums today and noticed this thread in particular.  I guess Thelanis was just having some issues over the weekend for some folks.  Well at least I got some questing done on Saturday, but I was really hoping to get through the Catacombs.  Oh well, I’ll just hit up this week.  I’m just glad it just wasn’t me hitting these lag spikes and connection issues.

I hope everybody else had an enjoyable weekend.  Happy Hunting everybody!!


5 thoughts on “How Am I Logged on?

  1. I had a interesting experience.. Have you seen the phantom lfm from a player stating: Quiting game, giving away my stuff. Or something close tho that? well, each time he logs in says” come to X” place and open trade to get freebies, well, every time i go to that place the game frozes to me.. Last time he said: come to market 1, i teleported and apeared on marked 3, changed instance and BAM! froze.

    Probably its not realted, just a curious thing.


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