I Wish I Had Those Skills!!

For the most part, hirelings can have some pretty lackluster abilities and the complications of their AI is well known.  However with that said, there are some moments where the hirelings shine.  For example, I was taking Erdrique (Level 4 Monk) through the quest the Depths of Darkness and he had the hireling Maloren.  Well, during the last fight, Maloren pulled off something Erdrique could only ever hope to accomplish…he was climbing in mid air!!

Look at those ninja skills photo Lookatthoseninjaskills_zps9ef1c96a.jpg
Maloren pulling off a feat that Erdrique could only ever dream of.

I’m not sure what quite happened hear but Maloren was actually climbing in the air like he was climbing a ladder.  I think what happened was that he was trying to follow me up to the balcony where I had taken out the hobgoblin spellcasters.  However, I defeated them before he started to climb the ladder to follow me and when I jumped down to engage the boss and his cronies Maloren ported back to my general location but he was in mid climb during that.  In either case, I thought it was worthy to show off.

Now I’m jealous of the hirelings…well maybe not…Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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