Having Some Fun With the Queen

It has been awhile since I wrote anything about the small amount of epic questing I get to do and I had an extremely (and surprisingly) fun time with the last epic adventure I ran and wanted to pass that experience on.  Now I have mentioned in the past, that I tend to run the majority of epic quests on epic normal primarily because of the lack of the appropriate gear for my characters in the epic levels, so I tend to not take on more than I can handle (or at least attempt to).  With that said, I just ran the Demon Queen pre-raid, Against the Demon Queen, on epic normal with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister).  Now on heroic settings, this particular quest has always caused me some heart burn with my melee characters. Primarily because of Lailat and six deadly khopeshes and her continuing knock down/run over ability.  I was expecting on having more trouble with Rimuldar during this run but was pleasantly surprised!!

If you don’t know, the quest Against the Demon Queen is the pre-raid quest for Zawabi’s Revenge (where you take on the Demon Queen, Lailat, once again).  Before you can enter the quest, you have to first complete the three flagging quests: Tomb of the Wizard King, Chains of Flame, and An Offering of Blood and turn in the special quest items from each of those quests.  All of these quests are located in the Sands of Menechtarun.

Once you enter queen’s Lailat’s Court, you have to read a tome that contains a puzzle.  The puzzle describes the path you need to take to advance to the queen.  Once you enter further into the quest, you will see that the dungeon is divided into 6 different directions, with each pathway marked by a placard, with each placard being mentioned in the opening puzzle in the tome.  Basically you have to make your way through each path in the correct order to advance to Lailat.  Each path contains a different set of enemies, traps, and challenges.  Once you get to the end of a path you have to activate a rune.  If the order you took is correct, you will defeat one of Lailat’s “swords” (actually a rhaksasha) and if you are incorrect you get teleported to a “penalty” room that you have to fight your way out of and to try a different path.

In this particular run, I had summoned an exalted angel hireling, my onyx panther, my level 17 owlbear, and a living meteor swarm.  The opening room and pathway immediately after reading the tome is filled with efreetis and fire reavers.  I was surprised to see that I had little problems with them.  I was using primarily ice based spells (obviously) and electrical spells, as well as some or my Archmage spells.  The summoned meteor swarm seemed to draw quite a bit of attention, which was fine be me, and allowed me to go relatively unnoticed.

Now on heroic, I typically run into trouble with the monkey hallway, which is composed of some wildmen.  In this hallway, there are a few wildmen mystics on pillars that are pretty tough to reach at first and they tend to use their elevated positioning quite well.  This time however, I was able to hit many of them with a Finger of Death, Powerword Kill, or to drop a firewall on them with some other damage spells.  I was pleasantly surprised to run into little issues with them.  Especially since Rimuldar isn’t really made for strong necromancy casting.

While making my way through the rest of the quest, I only made one “mistake” with my pathing which forced me into the “penalty box” once, which was also nice.  A good thing about the penalty box is that there are four named enemies down there that do give optional experience.  I did run out of spell points with a few paths to clear so I simply recalled and used the shrine in the Desert just prior to the dungeon entrance.  Although I did lose some experience, I wasn’t all that concerned about that.  The other paths caused me little difficulty.  The mephit pathway does have a number of annoying traps but luckily I made it through these ok on epic normal.

The point where I expected to have the most trouble was fighting Lailat herself.  However, prior to fighting her, I positioned my exalted angel hireling off to the side (while we were also fighting the rhaksasha and the efreetis) and once the rhaksasha was killed I ran off to the opposite side and brought my panther and owlbear with me, as well as my living meteor swarm.  Well, luckily the living meteor swarm, immediately gained her attention which allowed my panther and owlbear to pounce and her but more importantly it allowed me to hit her with my barrage of spells from chain missile, to Eladrin’s Electric Surge, Acid Bolt, etc..).  I did gain her attention once of twice but I was able to shed it fast enough.  Before I knew it, she was knocked out and teleporting to her other circle and then continued on and pressed the fight further.

On the next platform I had used the same logic and during the second fight she never even bothered to come my way, having her attention to much on meteor swarm and my other hirelings.  The entire time I was battling her I had empower and maximize on and just stood back firing away.  In the end, I suffered no deaths and only the one reentry penalty.  The quest netted me nearly 61,000 experience which gave me enough to hit level 23 .

Rim basking in the glory photo Rimbaskinginglory_zps8ef67e27.jpg
Rimuldar basking in the glory of Lailat’s retreat!!

So overall, it was a fun and surprising adventure with Rimuldar.  Spellcasting characters aren’t really my main focus in DDO but this run was certainly enjoyable!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Desert!!

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