Enemy Profile-Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury

Recently I finished the Cult of the Six story arc with Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter).  One of the final enemies you encounter in this chain is Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury.  The Bishop is actually a very vicious drow scorpion.  The Bishop is waiting for you at the top of pyramid in the Temple of the Six and you can only get to him once you defeat some other drow scorpions and fire reavers who are protecting him as well as setting some rune wheels in the correct order to drop down some magical barriers that block the paths up the pyramid.

The Bishop photo BishopZashaoth_zpsa87dc2f8.jpg
Hamllin preparing to fight the Bishop.

The Bishop, like other drow scorpions, will attack you with his massive claws, try to hit you with poisonous stinger, and likes to hit you with dispel magic to debuff you.  He can poison you and he can hit you with a curse.  Overall though, he isn’t a really overwhelming end boss.  Being a “bishop” I would think he would be a cleric, however I don’t recall him hitting me with any divine based spells, such as flamestrike or blade barrier, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he can lay these down.

He is evil and I didn’t notice any elemental resistances for him.  I took him down before he even attempted to really attack me, so  I also believe his hit points are not too numerous.  The biggest issue you have with the Bishop is that as soon as he dies, the next red named boss spawns, a fire reaver.

The next time I’m in Co6 I will have to wait to see what other attacks the Bishop has and update this post.  It shouldn’t be too long until I take somebody else through here.

Thanks for reading everybody and no head back out into Sorrowdusk Isle and take on the Bishop and his Cult of the Six!!  Happy Hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Enemy Profile-Bishop Zasha’oth of the Fury

  1. After all the quests you have to go through to get to him, the Bishop here is one rather anti-climactic boss. A second co-boss Render often spawns with him but he’s as much of a punching bag as the Bishop. Oh, well.


  2. Yeah I agree, I took him down so fast I had hard time trying to cage his hit points as I wanted to highlight that in my post. Next time I’ll have to be a little more vigilant :).


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