The Bookbinder Frustration

With another life comes another iteration of running the Sharn Sydicate.  The Sharn Syndicate is an interesting quest pack that contains six different quests.  The fourth quest in the series is called The Bookbinder RescueErdrique (Level 5 Monk) is currently working on completing this chain and ran into some annoying issues with this particular quest.

Trying to help the Binder Family photo TryingtohelptheBinderfamily_zps4db12e54.jpg
Erdrique attempting to help the Binder family…key word on attempt.

The idea behind this particular quest is to rescue all of the family members without letting any of them getting killed.  The quest giver is Olistair Binder, who is standing outside of his house in the Marketplace looking for somebody to help him.  The Sharn Syndicate have taking his family and house hostage and are forcing him to find some way to pay the ransom.

This particular quest is unique, in that it actually has two quest entrances.  There are a few others with this mechanic, but not many.  You can enter the house through the upper level or you can enter the house through the front door on the lower level.  I have received mixed results from each method.  The house is two levels with a single large room making up the lower floor and the upper floor being composed of numerous rooms with and a hallway.  All the rooms on the second floor are shut, locked, and trapped.

Erd dealing with the Syndicate in the Binder home photo ErddealingwiththeSyndicateintheBinderhome_zpsed18032e.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the Sharn Syndicate in the Binder Home.

The primary difficulty with this quest is keeping the hostages alive.  The enemies on the lower floor and in the hallways do tend to focus on your character and any hirelings, which is good.  One thing to be cautious of though is when you enter the quest from the upper floor you can sometimes grad too much attention as soon as you exit that room of entry and go into the hall as the enemies from the lower level and from the hall will converge upon you.  I have found that entering the lower level makes this a little easier because you don’t tend to grab attention of all folks on the second floor hallway.  However, the real issue is entering the various rooms on the second floor and keeping the hostage alive.   As soon as you go to bash the door down, the hostage will gather a large amount of the enemy attention.  This can happen even if you hit the door by accident, which happened to me the first time I attempted the quest this life.  I had accidentally hit the door while dealing with some other enemies in the hall.  The quest failed shortly later when the hostage in that room was killed, I never even finished bashing the door down.

If you can disable the traps in front of each door upstairs, then the best thing to do is to plow through those doors before the traps can activate to drag up as much attention from the enemies as you can so that they don’t attack the hostage.  The traps can be turned off once you get into the room by through a lever.  I took me three attempts to get the quest completed, but I finally got it done.

The quest is extremely short but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating at times.  Make sure you protect those hostages when you enter each room and here the DM narration telling you that the hostage is fighting back.  Another difficult thing to do is to target and find the hostage when you do enter the room.  At least that has always caused me trouble.  So instead of trying to locate the hostage and just pile in there as start attacking and look for the hostage once the room is cleared.

In any case, out the six Sharn Syndicate quests, this one is probably one of the more annoying and difficult, at leas to me.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!


3 thoughts on “The Bookbinder Frustration

  1. Life is always easier with a Rogue in your party for this one to disable the traps and unlock the doors. Both actions prevent the super-immediate aggro on the hostage and prevent the traps from killing the hostage and slowing you down from protecting them.

    Without a Rogue, the first thing I do is to lure and kill every single guard in the corridors so they don’t kill a hostage that manages to escape. Of course, each trap can be disabled from a lever inside each room, so if you have two players, one should charge for that if you think the trap is going to be a problem.

    Confining your fight to the room and first charging the person most likely to kill the hostage (often the mages) help here.


    • Totally agree. My biggest problem list time was actually finder the Binder family member. As soon as I busted down the door it seemed like the family member just disappeared and turned out to already be in the hallway with a trailing number of baddies on them.


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