Looking at the Factions in Waterworks

Huh, what do you mean factions in Waterworks?  Isn’t it just entirely kobolds?  Well, not entirely.  I have already taken a look at the factions that are present in the Cerulean Hills, Tangleroot Gorge, Searing Heights, and the Red Fens.  So now I figured I would take a second to take a closer look at those groups of monsters and factions that are found within the Waterworks Slayer area, especially since Erdrique completed that area earlier in the week.

Ok, so what factions are currently present in the Waterworks.  Here is what we have:

1).  Stormreach Guard
2).  Kobold Clan Gnashtooth
3).  Kobold Clan Tunnelworm
4).  Ecru and other black widow spiders
5).  Dhulokk, troglodyte adept
6).  Wolves
7).  Gnarkill, the troll butcher
8).  Crumble, the rust monster
9).  Slimes

So altogether, we have at least nine different types of monsters and/or factions located in this area that is mostly known for its kobold infestation.  So how do all of these factions interact with each other?  Well some of these associations are quite simple, while some others are a little uncertain.

The Waterwork Adventure area is essentially divided into three sections.  The first section, the entrance area, has been secured by the Stormreach Guard and is safe to traverse through.  There a few guardsmen down there with the glorious duty of holding back any kobolds from leaving the sewers and creating havoc in the Harbor.  And you can tell that these guards just love their jobs…

Exploring the Waterworks photo ExploringtheWaterworks_zps54a77ab4.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Waterworks.

The other two “halves” of the waterworks are split between the kobold clans: Gnashtooth and Tunnelworm.  From what we can tell, the two kobold clans tend to “put up” with each other but won’t go out of their way to help each other out.  From out limited interactions within later on while running the Waterworks Quest chain, it appears that the Clann Tunnelworm kobolds are the more dangerous and vicious of the two groups.  We can tell that the kobold clans are “civil” with each other, as their appears to be a shaman emissary from each clan located in other territory in the wilderness area (Shaman Yiley located in the Gnasthooth area and Shaman Har-har located in the Tunnelworm territory).

Taking on Yiley in Waterworks photo TakingonYileyinWaterworks_zps06ede703.jpg
Erdrique finishing off Shaman Yiley.

Now the other factions are a little interesting to try to discern.  First off we have Dhulokk, the troglodyte adept.  Dhulokk is a clever and powerful beast, and my best thought on what he is doing here is to peddle his services as a mercenary to help protect Clan Gnashtooh.  Similarly, I’m thinking that Gnarkill, the troll butcher, was recruited by Clan Tunnelworm to keep others from invading their territory,  However, I think they were having issues with him and that was why he was sealed behind a intelligent based rune door.  I could be that Har-har and Bloodletter were working on some type of method to control him better or perhaps to learn how to gain the regenerative abilities of trolls.

Ecru and his spiders are also a little interesting.  I would like to believe that he is somehow linked to the spider Misery.  Misery is not only guarded by other black widow spiders but also by regular brown spiders as well.  With Ecru being a brown spider, but the other spiders being small black widow spiders, it seems feasible that somehow these different spiders species are uniting their broods to help kobolds…or to save them for fodder later :).  The thing with Ecru is that he can be found on either side of the waterworks, in either the Gnashtooth or Tunnelworm side.  However, he is spider, so being able to crawl from one location to another wouldn’t be difficult for him to do, even using the ceiling as mode of transportation.

Now what is the deal with Crumble?  I’m not sure what to make of him.  My best guess is that he was an experiment, probably of Har-har’s.  I’m not sure what he would have been experimenting with, unless he was trying to learn how to control rust monsters to do his bidding.  Having a metal eating abberation in your forces would definitely be helpful :).

That essentially just leaves the wolves and slimes.  It is plain to see that the wolves are purely the pets to the kobolds, who use them in scouting missions and as guardians.  The slimes were probably already in the Waterworks prior to the kobolds settling in.  I’m guess the kobolds have figured out a way to manipulate the mindless globs into willing guards and have learned how to pacify and/or avoid them.

While the Waterworks might seem like a relatively straight forward place, it does seem to have some interesting social dynamics between the various clans.  I’m a little surprised we don’t see an ogres in the area but the troll kind of makes up for that :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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