It Was A Cove Style Weekend, Quest Runs October 24th to October 26th

Well, this past weekend I surprised myself.  I didn’t plan on running a whole lot in the Crystal Cove, although I did plan on running some out there because it is a special event that doesn’t come along all that often, but I wound up running it much more than I thought.  Then again, dropping the number of map piece turn-ins to 500 help to make that happen.  In any case I ran the Crystal Cove five times over the weekend.  However, my weekend runs didn’t actually start inside the Crystal Cove.

My weekend runs started with my typical morning slayer runs on Friday.  I brought on a character on my premium account, Suppply (Level 8 Paladin), and took him out into Three Barrel Cove to continue on his march of dominance of the local pirates.  That afternoon, I brought on Erdrique (Level 6 Monk) and completed the Sharn Syndicate series by finishing the quest Come Out and Slay.  I then took Erdrique out into Irestone Inlet and took on Yar-yar and his crew.  I then took Erdrique back into the Waterworks Slayer area and finished that zone.  On Friday night, I started out in the Smuggler’s Rest and then did a few runs in the Crystal Cove.  I had some help from Luchog and from Leefist as we ran around collecting map pieces and doubloons.  I then took Erdrique out into Tangleroot Gorge and started the Assault on Splinterskull chain.  I completed the first two quests in the chain: First Strike and the Hobgoblin’s Captives.  I then headed to the Marketplace and took on the quest Red Fang. I then completed one more run in the Crystal Cove before I called it a night.

Taking on the Sharn Syndicate in the Tenements photo TakingontheSharnSyndicateinTheTenements_zpscadfafad.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Tenemenats.

Yar Yars ship in Irestone Inlet photo YarYarsshipinIrestoneInlet_zpsd6396afc.jpg
Erdrique running to take care of Yar-yar’s ship in Irestone Inlet.

Taking on Yiley in Waterworks photo TakingonYileyinWaterworks_zps06ede703.jpg
Erdrique taking care of Shaman Yiley.

Surrounded by enemies in Smuggler's Rest photo SurroundedbyenemiesinSmugglersRest_zps669d3614.jpg
Surrounded by pirates, now need to take care of business in Smuggler’s Rest.

Taking on the Red Raven Crew in Crystal Cove photo TakingontheRedRavencrewinCrystalCove_zps737c51d5.jpg
Erdrique battling the crew of Red Raven.

Looking for enemies in Tangleroot photo LookingforenemiesinTangleroot_zps7aac12c3.jpg
Erdrique looking for enemies in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hunting down some hobgoblins photo Huntingdownsomehobgoblins_zps53702359.jpg
Erdrique making a statement in Splinterskull.

Looking for Red Fang photo LookingforRedFang_zps8096ec82.jpg
Erdrique hunting down Red Fang the Unruled.

On Saturday, I did some slayers in the Tangleroot Gorge slayer area and then I did a run through the Crystal Cove.  Later that night, I took Erdrique into the Cerulean Hills and completed the quest The Captives.  I then made my way back to the Marketplace and into the Steam Tunnels to do the quest The Sacred Helm.  I then took Erdrique into one of the Cannith Challenges and ran the challenge: Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  I then took him back out to Smuggler’s Rest for another run in the Crystal Cove and then ended the night with some slayer runs in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erd leading some kobolds to Crystals photo Erdleadingsomekoboldstocrystals_zps168ffe00.jpg
Erd finding some nice crystals in the Cove.

Erd scouting out the orcs photo Erdscoutingouttheorcs_zpsf0e62966.jpg
Time to scout out the orc troops in The Captives.

Erdrique twisting his way to the helmet photo Erdriquetwistinghiswaytothehelmet_zps7fb814c7.jpg
Erdrique twisting his way to the Sacred Helm.

Erd battling the mother of the nest photo Erdbattlingthemotherofthenest_zpsb0cd45c9.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Mother of the Nest in Dr. Rushmore’s mansion.

Erd hunting pirates in the Smuggler's Rest photo ErdhuntingpiratesintheSmugglersRest_zpsb39c7177.jpg
Erdrique battling various pirates out in Smuggler’s Rest.

Erd continuing to direct the traffic in the cove photo ErdcontinuingtodirecttrafficintheCove_zps554df99b.jpg
Erdrique directing some traffic in the Cove.

More hunting in Tangleroot photo MorehuntinginTangleroot_zps16c64cf6.jpg
Erdrique doing some more hunting in Tangleroot Gorge.

Sunday was a relatively light gaming session.  I was scheduled to log in with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger), another one of my premium account characters.  The first thing I wanted to do was to do some quick slayer runs with him in Tangleroot Gorge.  I entered the explorer area and I was later joined by Xahtep, a reader of my blog .  We blasted through the explorer zone twice and Crawlller wound up reaching over 750 slayers and he received enough experience to hit level 6.  Xahtep then had to log but I just wanted to pass along that I enjoyed his help!!  After the turns through Tangleroot, I took Crawlller out into the Cerulean Hills and ran the quest Where There’s Smoke on Hard.  I then took Crawlller into House Cannith and got his daily challenge token and ran through the challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door.  By the time I finished the run, it was time to head off to bed.

 photo CrawlllerlookingforthewolvesinTangleroot_zps9299a1fb.jpg
Crawlller looking for some wild wolves in Tangleroot.

 photo CrawlllerfightingtheOrcsinNashsfarm_zps243bd07a.jpg
Crawlller trying to save the Nash farm.

 photo CombatingtheMisstress_zps4072d273.jpg
Crawlller taking care of Dr. Rushmore’s girlfriend…

So, the weekend runs were primarily lower level runs, with a decent about of Crystal Cove activity splayed throughout the weekend.  Not my most productive weekend but it was still a fun weekend .  I hope everybody else had a nice weekend as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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