Enemy Profile-Troglodyte Warlock (Troglodyte’s Get)

The Troglodyte’s Get is part of the Old Grey Garl mini-story arc.  As you can imagine by the name, it is primarily composed of your friendly troglodyte tribe.  I took Harrgon (Level 10 Favored Soul) in here on elite as he still needed to knock out a few of the quests in Three Barrel Cove.  There are four different classes of troglodytes that you will encounter in this quest: plain old troglodyte fighters, troglodyte chieftains (one is an optional named), troglodyte shamans, and troglodyte warlocks.  Of these troglodytes, the most dangerous are the shamans and the warlocks.
Troglodyte Gets Warlocks photo TroglodytesGetsWarlocks_zpscdd523b3.jpg
Harrgon in the midst of battle with a troglodyte warlock.

In this particular quest, the troglodyte warlocks are frequently grouped with their fellow casters, the shamans.  The different types of casters can be a lethal combination in The Troglodyte’s Get, especially on elite, if you aren’t prepared.  The warlocks tend to throw out three primary spells, at least from what I can tell in this latest run, including fireball, hold person, and bane.  They will repeatedly try to land a hold person on your character and then will back them up with some powerful fireballs.  If you do get held, this becomes problematic as the shamans will tend to cast scorching ray.

The majority of the warlocks tend to have around 215 to 245 spell points.  Besides being grouped quite often with the shamans, they are also positioned in some hard to reach locations, primarily only reachable with the use of range spells or ranged weapons.  Keep this in mind because there is a suspension bridge that is guarded by a warlock and as soon as you start to cross the bridge he will immediately start casting on you.

The best defense against these guys is to have something that helps to prevent being held, high will saves, and good fire protection.  If you see one of the them don’t hesitated to take it down quickly, but also be aware of their shaman counterparts.  You don’t want to be taken by surprise by either type of troglodyte, unless you want your questing to end badly .

Harrgon had no issues with these baddies because he was immune to be being held and I had good fire protection from my guild’s ship buffs.  But other characters have had some challenging issues with these guys.  In those cases I tended to range them as much as possible and being out of range of their spells and in those cases where that wasn’t case I took them down first to avoid being held.

In either case, if you plan on running the Troglodyte’s Get be pre

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