Taking a Look at the Quest The Claw of Vulkoor (Heroic)

The Claw of Vulkoor is part of the Red Fens chain.   All of these quests are level 9 on heroic, making then level 11 on elite.  I recently took Hamllin (Level 12 Fighter) through this interesting quest.  The quest giver for The Claw of the Vulkoor is a Raveneye Drow named Croaker, who is located at the refugee camp at the entrance to the Red Fens.  When you speak to Croaker, he informs you that the Raveneye need your help to retrieve a sacred relic of the scorpion god, Vulkoor.  Evidently, Vulkoor will bestow this relic to those in need but in order to retrieve the relic you have to pass Vulkoor’s trial.  Evidently, Vulkoor has sent the Claw down inside the territory of a powerful fire giant clan, known as the Sulat League, and it is expected that they won’t allow any drow into their territory.  The Raveneye are hoping we can solve that dilemma (to negotiatie passage).

Well, as soon as you enter the quest, the drow party and your own adventuring party are quickly met by a named fire giant named Sobrien and he doesn’t take too kindly to the drow in the fire giant territory and doesn’t believe anything that is said about their mission.  Instead, he transforms all of the drow into small scorpions and then unleashes his fury on your party.
Warlock Sobrien is having a bad day photo WarlockSobrienishavingabadday_zpsc44a1291.jpg
Hamllin watching the interplay between the drow and the warlock.

Curiously, although you are sent in to negotiate, you never really get a chance to conduct a conversation.  Instead, you are quickly thrown into battle and must take out the warlock straight away.  After the battle you need to gather the transformed drow warriors and priestess, as well as her staff, and start to make your way through the mountain in order to find the Claw of Vulkoor.

No matter how many times I enter into the Claw of Vulkoor I inevitably get turned around at least once.  The “main” area is a multitiered level that makes the map difficult to use at times.  Now the layout is full of twisting and winding paths and tunnels.  There are a few secret doors, in fact there is one right after the battle with the warlock in the beginning, that help to make moving through the tunnels and bridges a little easier (however, I believe this is what gets me turned around more than anything else because I can’t figure out the areas I was meant to bypass).  There are also a few powerful and deadly fire traps to be aware of as well, with one right after the secret door in the beginning and one near the end of the quest.

The quest is primarily composed of two types of monsters: fire giants and scorpions.  The scorpions are naturally drawn to the Claw of Vulkoor and one of the optionals is to pacify the scorpion guardians and to avoid being detected.  This is a great quest to test your stealth skills.  However, I typically plow my way through the quest.  Besides the guardians, you will have nest scorpions who heal themselves and others around them, roaming scorpions who are looking for any enemies, and then then ambushers waiting patiently to take any group by surprise.  If you manage to get a number of nest scorpions together you will be in for a tough fight because they will heal each other quite rapidly.  However, if you keep the number of scorpions, especially nest scorpions reasonable, the fights are relatively easy to move through, accept for continuously being poisoned.

Just before you reach the end of the quest, you will have the opportunity to pass through an ancient giant burial ground.  You have an optional to leave the loot the alone or to rob the graveyard.  If you decide to rob the graveyard you will be attacked by a named giant skeleton, Prince Gornard.   To finish the quest you need to find the secret door in this same burial chamber which will lead to the final passage to the Claw of Vulkoor.

Overall, the quest is heavily laden with scorpions.  If you want to pad your monster manual count for scorpions, this is a good quest to do.  The quest can get a little annoying in the area with multiple tiers but overall it is a relative quick quest.  You also need to be cautious of those powerful flame jets as they are quite destructive.  Check it out once you get a chance!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!

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