Hamllin’s Journal-The Threnal Arena

Quest: The Threnal Arena
Level 9
Crawlers: Hamllin

Once we exited the Western Excavation Site in Threnal we went back to report our findings and our progress back to Jan Falner, who had recruited us to take of some issues that arose with the excavation team. While taking care of those issues, we discovered an interesting relic and didn’t quite know what to make of it. It was some type of ornamental blade and although it was pretty useless as a primary weapon in any type of combat it was still made with some exquisite handiwork. We brought the blade pack out with us because we could just feel it was necessary for something. When we showed the blade to Jan, she mentioned that it appeared to be the Threnalian Ceremonial Blade. She mentioned that during the earlier days of the excavation they found some old texts referencing the blade and how it was used in a ritual to prove your combat prowess. Evidently the blade was to be place on an altar in the Threnal Arena which was located a little ways away from the excavation.

After talking to Jan, I decided it would be best to explore the mystery of this arena. After exploring the Western Excavation site, it was evident that some ancient powers were still present in Threnal and the more that we understood the better we would to protect against or to learn from it. So we packed up and headed to the northern reaches of the Threnal Ruins excavation site. On our way there we encountered a number of hostile groups. We had to fight past a few rogue elves, humans, and warforged shortly after we left the main excavation site. I have a feeling they were preparing to ambush the team to steal whatever relics they discovered. Shortly after we dealt with them we ran into two large earth elementals that weren’t overly thrilled to notice us. Defeating these monsters was more difficult but we made it past them only to encounter a series of hill giants and their pet wolves. Eventually we made it to the arena.

The site of the arena was quite impressive. We noticed that the area was set up like a miniature coliseum with cement or stone benches along the outside of the main stage area (if you want to call it a stage). The ancient altar was at the far end of the arena. As we approached we could fell the ancient magic within it asking for us give it the ceremonial blade. A dark and mysterious voice, full of ancient power, told us we had a relic that showed our loyalty to Threnal and asked us to the place the blade on the altar so that we could be tested. Curious to see what this test, I decided to place the blade on the altar. As soon as I did that, voice boomed out for to prepare for the challenge. As we stepped away from the altar, a bunch of summoned monsters appeared before us. These monstrosities ranged from huge rust mosters to gargoyles to dreaded flesh renders. Just before the fighting started the voice from the altar had told us to prepare for the Apprentice Challenge.

As soon as the last monster was slain, the voice of the altar then congratulated us on our victory and then told us to prepare for the next challenge. This challenge was called the Master’s challenge. After a few brief moments, Flagon and I were surrounded once again by a host of enemies. Rust monsters and gargoyles appeared out of nowhere to test our ingenuity and strength. Once we took care of this round of monsters, we were assaulted once again by more flesh renders but this time they also had some fire reaver and ice flensers companions. This made our defenses and attacks challenging as we had to ward off fire and ice attacks as well as determine weapons and spells effective against fire and ice monsters. We did take them down after a series of brutal exchanges.

The altar seemed to be pleased. As soon as the last enemy was vanquished, the powerful voice congratulated us once again. It then told us to prepare for the final challenge to test our ability to protect Threnal, the Gand Master challenge. Shortly later the most difficult of the challenges began. As soon as the voice stopped speaking, we were assaulted by three flesh renders. Just as we finished fighting them, three more monsters appeared: a flesh render, an ice flenser, and a fire reaver. Although the fighting was pretty gruesome, we did manage to defeat them. However, this only led to the next wave of monsters which was the toughest wave yet, as it contained a deadly beholder as well as another set of flesh renders. Once the beholder was defeated and his flesh render pets, we were surprised yet again. Instead of having to deal with one beholder, we had to deal with two of them this time. Dealing with one beholder was difficult enough, having to deal with two was extremely challenging. One of the beholders hit me directly with a negative piercing beam that sapped a large portion of strength. Only by sheer will and quick maneuvering was I able to avoid the rest of the beams and to take him down but then I was hit again by the second beholder. I could feel the strength leaving my body and I decided the best way to survive the encounter was to rush the beholder straight on. The tactic worked but it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. The beholder was quicker than it looked and it kept levitating past me. Eventually I was able to score enough hits to finally defeat him.

The fight was brutal and I was thoroughly drained. Once the last beholder was defeated the voice from the altar called us back over and congratulated us on our victory. The altar proclaimed us a true protector of Threnal by passing all of the tests. The Thernalian War blade then melted into the altar and was replaced by two sparkling blades, one brilliantly crafted longsword and another brilliantly crafted dagger. The alter offered one of the blades as a reward. I selected the longsword and the dagger vanished back into the alter. The alter then went lifeless.

We took the majestic blade back to Jan and she told us she recognized the blade from some early discoveries as well and told it us it was a highly magical blade known as the Threnalian War Blade. It was rumored that the blade could magical augments that could enhance its power. As she mentioned that she showed us where the augments would go. She told us it was a rare find. We thanked her for help and decided to report back to Erdrique about what we found out so far concerning the Ruins of Threnal.


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