Those Annoying Enemy Spells

This morning I was taking Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) through the heroic Ruins of Gianthold landscape, working on his slayers in the Stormfist encampment when I encountered one of the most annoying enemies out there, the Arzag-khor Loremasters (hobgoblin caster).  These guys are so enjoying because of their over zealous use of the spell displacement.  As I battling this particular enemy, and seeing the numerous displaced signs popping above my attacks, I began thinking about the most annoying enemy spells in the game.

Larrs dealing with Displacement in Gianthold photo LarrsdealingwithDisplacementinGianthold_zps3aa453ab.jpg
Larrs attacking a Arzag-khor loremaster in the Ruins of Gianthold.

After giving this a little bit of thought, I came up with the top five most annoying enemy used spells in the game (in my humble opinion anyway).

1).  Sleet Storm-I don’t know what it is about this particular spell, but my lord do I find it horribly annoying.  I always dread running The Swiped Signet on elite with my lower characters because of this one single spell.  Being stuck in a constant swirl of mess, not being able to see, constantly being slid off to the side, and then getting knocked over is just aggravating to say the least.  The best way to mitigate its effects is to have freedom of movement, but even then the swirl is just annoying.

2).  Ray of Enfeeblement-This one didn’t really bother me all that much until I put Erdrique into his monk life.  This really became an issue for me when I was running Irestone Inlet and the hobgoblin casters were hitting me constantly with this annoying spell and knocking me off-balance forcing me to chug down lesser restoration potions to get my balance restored.  The best protection against this spell is deathward or by diving out of its path since it is a ray based spell.

3).  Displacement-You will run into this annoying enemy buff quite a bit from Gianthold and upward.  The best countermeasure is True Seeing and or any other buff that gives a True Seeing effect, such as the Vision of the Master (I think that is what it is called, the buff you get from wearing the Mantle of the Worldshaper and Voice of the Master).  Its main annoyance is seeing those melee swings swooshing by and seeing “Displaced” float above your attacks…

4).  Stinking Cloud/Cloudkill-I’m lumping these two cloud based spells together because these are the only ones I typically see (besides Obscuring Mist).  I find these spells mostly annoying because I can never find the enemy I want to attack, lol.  Having acid resistance and neutralize poison will help with their effects and the concealment bonus that the enemies get isn’t that bad of an issue, but actually finding were those annoying enemies are is a different matter entirely.  Using a Gust of Wind will easily disperse these clouds.

5).  Greater Command and Cometfall-These two spells are extremely annoying.  Watching character lay down on the ground for seconds on end while the enemy proceeds to attack you is just frustrating.  My barbarians and fighters really can’t stand that spell.  Having anything that helps with will saves is a good way to prevent being commanded.  What really, really aggravates me is watching my clerics or paladins being commanded because they rolled a “1” on their save.  I mean  And cometfall, just as bad as greater command only it provides a large source of damage to you as well and then makes you lay on  your but on failed reflex save.  To make it worse, the casters that do have this spell like to spam it every chance they get and then you put a few of them together during the same fight…you would like you were in a meteor shower.

There are a bunch of other spells that could be put on this list.  Fear/Symbol of fear, Soundburst/Symbol of Stunning, Hold Person, Ray of Exhausting, Firewall, and Waves of Fatigue all come to mind.  However, based on my perspective those five I listed above are my most annoying ones to deal with.

Thanks for reading everybody.  And remember to keep your buffs up to avoid these annoying spells as best as possible.  Happy hunting!!


5 thoughts on “Those Annoying Enemy Spells

  1. Sleet Storm is my #1 most hated spell in the game. It’s for that reason I have pretty much boycotted The Swiped Signet unless I’m desperate for favor.. well, that and the quest giver’s horribly condescending and ungrateful attitude.


  2. Early on, Sleet Storm is very annoying. Over time you defeat this by remembering the few mages that throw it (“The Swiped Signet”, STK part 1) and pounce on them like a rabid kitten on catnip-laced kibble.

    Ray of Enfeeblement is why no one should ever enter “Irestone Inlet” without a bunch of Lesser Restoration potions.

    I don’t get usually messed up by fogs. Displacement issues thankfully are fewer at lower levels, so by the time you’re facing them you should have a True Seeing solution to offset it–at least your Voice and Mantle.

    Playing mostly Monks, Greater Command and Cometfall have to get through my spell resistance and Evasion. They don’t.

    The ones you missed that can be very dangerous are force missile spells. Have your Shield clicky/spell handy or this stuff can eat you up.

    Enemies hate Ninja Spies as their finishers can produce similar evil things to blind or paralyze or nauseate them. And they’re not smart enough to remove the effects. 🙂


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