Wondering About Captain Tew

Over the past couple of days I have taken a few characters through some of the quests in the Sentinels of Stormreach chain.  I recently took Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) into the quest The Tide Turns.  As we completed the quest, I started to wonder about the captain of the Blood Tide pirates, Captain Tew.

Captain Michael Tew photo Captain_Michael_Tew_zps49ec393c.jpg
The captain of the Blood Tide Pirates, Captain Tew (screenshot courtesy of DDOWiki).

You can tell early on, that Captain Tew is a clever and charismatic leader.  There is no doubt that he commands his pirates with a stern and strict hand (you have too being a pirate of course).  You can also tell that he has a strong vision for his pirate clan and that he is pretty imaginative.  He is evidently pretty ruthless and is willing to use a number of different strategies to take over the House Deneith ward.  You have to be pretty creative to manage a group of pirates that are composed of orc shamans, orc captains, human spies, drow sharpshooters, human necromancers, kobold swashbucklers, minotuars, and even the zombies and skeletons.

Now, a lot of this ingenuity is probably due to “ratty aka Ahraatz-Ri ”, the ruthless ogre mage who is really leading the Blood Tide pirates.  However,   even with “ratty’s” influence, Captain Tew still has that persona to maintain a strong command.  It makes me wonder how he wound up getting to his position?  How did he get an airship like the Crimson Moon?  How did he create and recruit members into the Blood Tide?  What led him to attack Three Barrel Cove and to put on an assault on the House Deneith ward?

Time to hunt down Captain Tew photo TimetohuntdownCaptainTew_zpsfbc76660.jpg
Kolll making his way through the House Deneith Tower to track down Captain Tew.

Many of these questions just can’t be answered with any certainty without some more information, which we don’t have.  I have a feeling that Captain Tew was probably from a poor fishing family located somewhere on the oceanic coast, possibly even from Shargon’s Teeth.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has a love for the sea and that something occurred early on in his life for him to turn to piracy.  Perhaps his village or family were invaded by a group of pirates and now he is out to exact revenge on his attackers by turning to piracy himself.  Or perhaps he was just abandoned and was forced to survive on his own wiles and abilities and learned how to turn these things into a strong pirate leader.  My feeling is that he somehow got a hold of a ship and recruited a few wayward seahands who eventually turned out to be his primary officers.  Over time his reputation could have spread throughout Shargon’s Teeth and the other areas north of Xen’drik, which would have drawn the eye of many other wayward pirates and others looking to hide from the authorities allowing his crew numbers and pirate clan to grow.

As a result of this rise in power, he grabbed the attention of “ratty” who decided that Captain Tew would be a good pawn and face to put forth in his own plan.  Captain Tew was then enthralled by “ratty’s” magic and then “ratty” used his influence to obtain the Crimson Moon, which Captain Tew then started to use as his flagship.  Captain Tew, with “ratty’s” help was then able to swell the ranks of the Blood Tide pirates and to establish the Bargain of Blood Bizarre, establish the dimensional anchor on Mistral Island, establish a variety/network of spies in the Blood Road, invade the Black Loch, and then seize control of the House Deneith tower.

Needless to say, to coordinate all of this and to be the face of this pirate horde, takes considerable skill, with or without the influence of another.  Captain Tew is definitely an interesting character and an interesting leader.  He maybe ruthless but he is definitely smart and resourceful and has shown to be a devious strategist.  If you get a chance, try to defeat his forces in the Sentinel of Stormreach chain.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting the Blood Tide pirates :).


3 thoughts on “Wondering About Captain Tew

  1. Many of your answers come in the Epic Three Barrel Cove. Your killing of Ahraatz-Ri in “The Tide Turns” create a pirate power vacuum that resonates through Epic 3BC, and you get to clean up your mess. 🙂


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