What is the Deal with Yarkuch and Spiders?

So once again I was running Assault on Splinterskull this past weekend and I started to wonder about Yarkuch and his apparent fascination with spiders.  I’m trying to come up with some reasoning as to why he enjoys augmenting his forces with monstrous spiders.  As soon as you enter Splinterskull, the first set of enemies you encounter are not hobgoblins but spiders.  Then, as you continue your assault, you encounter more fearsome and dangerous spiders including Blood-drinker, Whisperdoom’s Daughter, and Whisperdoom herself.

 photo Spidersandmorespiders_zps47d4027a.jpg
Erdrique wondering what is the deal with Yarkuch and his spiders.

So how exactly did Yarkuch get so fascinated with spiders to begin with?  How in the world did he ever get associated with Whisperdoom?  I would figure a hobgoblin would be more in favor of using worgs to supplement his forces.  Although worgs are indeed present in Splinterskull they don’t seem to have the same amount of respect as the spiders.  The spiders seem to be completely independent, where as the worgs are always associated with regular hobgoblin troops.  It is like the worgs are “pets” while the spiders are more like forces.  This is probably due strictly to the influence of Whisperdoom.  She just holds that majestic influence, that awe of respect, power, and strength that just seems to captivate everybody, allies and enemies alike.  Perhaps these are just the attributes that Yarkuch sees in all monstrous spiders, therefore increasing his desires to gather and/or recruit as many forces into army.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Yarkuch encountered some of Whisperdoom’s horde, or even Whisperdoom herself, when he was making his rise to power.  He probably even witnessed a number of his fellow hobgoblins get devoured by these spiders, just enhancing his respect for them.  Then containing the strength and wisdom within himself to approach Whisperdoom and to convince her to work with him probably impressed her, not to mention she probably saw a way to profit from the association (for example by allowing Zulkash to enhance the power of her brood (aka the glass spiders)).

Not to mention, what else can be more scary to deal with than huge, vicious spiders?  They are the perfect monster to enhance your troops and their presence alone would just instill fear and trepidation to invading forces, except for our characters of course :).

I’m not sure Yarkuch could have selected a monster that instills more fear than huge spiders.  I can definitely understand his desire to use them.  So that is my theory, he somehow came across Whisperdoom, in one way or another, and was fascinated by her and her brood.  The question is how did this interaction actually occur.  I’m not sure but in either case the union was quite lethal and powerful as well.

Well, thanks for reading everybody and I hope everybody enjoys taking on the forces of Yarkuch and Whisperdoom in Splinterskull.  Happy hunting everybody!!


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