Enemy Profile-High Shaman Mak-Murung

One of the quests I took Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) through this past weekend was the firs quest in the Fire Caves mini-arc, The Stones Run Red.  One of the objectives to complete this quest is to take down High Shaman Mak-Murung.  Mak-Murung is an ogre shaman who you encounter at the end of the quest.

High Shaman Mak-Murug photo HighSHamanMak-Murug_zps3c44a8c6.jpg
Erdrique takes on the High Ogre Shaman, Mak-Murung.

Mak-Murung is a powerful summoner.  He uses his connection to the “Dragon Below” to put in place his altars throughout the ancestral home of the minotaur Idas (the quest giver) who his ogres forced out.  He isn’t a particularly dangerous end boss when compared to a number of other ogres.  He will cast spells upon you as soon as sees you including flamestrike.  Like other ogres, he carries a massive club that he will also use to try to bash your characters head in with.  Being red-named, he is of course immune to a number of special attacks, but overall he isn’t all that dangerous has his movements are slow and it generally takes him a little bit of time to finish casting a spell.  However, he does have a few straggling ogres on other platforms in the final room that will also harass you if you don’t take them down.

To me honest, the hardest problem with this end boss is actually getting to him.  To make your way to him you have to cross a narrow “bridge” and it doesn’t take much to stray one way or the other and to see yourself falling down to the lava below.  One way around this is to range him but then again you will miss his chest that he is protecting as well as a collectible.

Once you defeat Mak-Murung and report back to Idas, you learn that Mak-Murung was able to finish his summoning and now the has brought forth a large number of fire mephits and a few fire elementals.  Looks like he was a little stronger than originally thought!!

When you get a chance, try the Fire Caves and take down Mak-Murung.  One pleasant surprise I had at the completion of the quest was the large amount of experience I received, over 18,000 with an elite streak (Erd was level 7 at the time), guild bonus, and Voice of the Master.  I don’t ever remember seeing that much from that particular quest so I was quite pleased :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Fire Caves!!


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