Man That Had to Hurt

There are a number of pretty gruesome scenes scattered throughout the various dungeons, sewers, and explorer areas through DDO but one the scenes in Three Barrel Cove always makes me cringe.  The scene I’m talking about is where the named sahaugin, Brine, is located in the Heroic version of the Three Barrel Cove landscape.  Along the beach line, there is a gruesome “hut” that is made to look like the head of a large sea monster.  Within this hut is some poor soul that has been impaled through the chest by a thick stake.

 photo Mangladididntenduplikethisguy_zpscf74c3e9.jpg
This spot always makes me cringe…

Through all of the questing and exploration I have done, from seeing things such as skeletons hanging off chains from the ceiling, fighting zombies and flesh golems, coming across carts full of body parts, and other atrocities, this particular scene above all the others just makes my insides hurt, lol.  I wonder what this guy was doing when Brine and his little clan decided to jump him.  Perhaps he was trying to steal from the sahuagin or perhaps he tried to cheat them.  In either case, that just looks like a painful way to go…

Thanks for reading everybody!!  Now its time to go hunting in Three Barrel Cove and see if we can’t give this guy a little a peace :).  Happy hunting!!


8 thoughts on “Man That Had to Hurt

  1. It bears a striking resemblance to the shrine to the Devourer found in Korthos.. bearing the Sahuagin tendency towards that member of the Dark Six, I always assumed it was another one, just half covered in beach sand from the tides.


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